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Did American mercenaries shoot down the Russian plane over Sinai?

Crescent International

There are some really scary reports coming out of Moscow about the downing of the Russian plane over the Sinai Peninsula. Two American mercenaries of Colombian origin have been captured by Russian Special Forces in Yemen. They are being flown to Moscow on orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin whose special envoy Mikhail Lesin was found dead in a Washington hotel on November 5. What's going on?

Moscow, Crescent-online
Wednesday November 11, 2015, 09:23 EST

Reports about the possible causes of the crash of Russian Flight KGL 9268 over the Sinai Peninsula have become so mysterious that they would make the James Bond movies look distinctly pale affairs. Did the plane crash because of structural failure, a bomb planted in the luggage compartment or was hit by a missile? All these theories have been floated. Most countries including Russia have also suspended all flights to the Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

A new report circulating in Moscow about the October 31 plane crash has only deepened the mystery surrounding the plane crash that killed all 224 people on board, most of them Russian tourists returning from Sharm el Sheikh to St Petersburg in Russia. First reported by the website, WhatDoesItMean.Com on November 7, the report says that Flight KGL 9268 was shot down by a British-made Starburst surface-to-air missile. The report circulating in the Kremlin was based on the findings of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

After studying satellite imagery, the SVR determined that a missile had brought down the plane. For the record, the British-made Starburst missile was supplied to Saudi Arabia under a 2007 military contract. It is no secret that the Saudi regime is arming the terrorists in Yemen, Sinai as well as Syria and Iraq. The SVR report further states that Flight 9268 was electronically “manipulated” deceiving it on to a lower altitude to bring it within the range of the missile.

Who “manipulated” the plane is part of the mystery but another twist was added to it by the sudden death in a Washington hotel of Mikhail Lesin. A personal friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lesin was dispatched to the US to act as his personal representative. His brief was to exchange information with Obama regime intelligence officials about the “circumstances/facts” surrounding the terrorist network’s downing of the Russian plane.

Under the protection of the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security (BDS), the agency that is tasked with providing protection to foreign diplomats, Lesin was found dead in his hotel on November 5. The Americans claimed he had died of a “heart attack.” The Russians were not buying it and Putin immediately ended all discussions/communications with the US regarding the downing of the plane. In his last report from Washington before his mysterious death, Lesin had said that his meeting with Obama regime officials was “contentious/argumentative”. He is also reported to have said that the Americans made threats against Russia.

These related to the capture in Yemen of two “American contractors.” The Russian foreign intelligence agency SVR has linked the two contractors to the Saudi/American backed terrorists operating in Yemen and Sinai. Of Colombian origin, the contractors carried American passports and were reportedly responsible for manipulating the flight path/altitude of the downed Russian plane. The mercenaries had tried, unsuccessfully, to bring down another plane operated by Thomas Airways last August.

Following that attempted downing of the plane, Russia dispatched SVR-Spetsnaz (Special Forces) team to Yemen. The Russian commandos were finally able to track the Colombian terrorists to a special base in Yemen. They are now in custody and Putin has ordered that they be brought to Moscow for interrogation. It was only after the capture of the American-hired mercenaries in Yemen that Putin dispatched his close confidant Lesin to Washington to inform the Obama regime’s officials about their crime against the Russian plane.

Far from coming clean, the Americans reportedly murdered Lesin. Their excuse that he had a heart attack—Lesin was very fit and healthy and had no history of heart trouble—did not convince Putin or other Kremlin leaders. With Lesin’s murder, the stakes have gone up many notches. Putin has reportedly ordered his forces on full alert including nuclear bombers. Are the Americans that stupid that they would risk a war, possibly involving nuclear weapons, with Russia? Is it some kind of a high stakes game of brinkmanship in which they hope to force Putin to blink first?

One theory is that America is paying back Russia for the latter’s success in degrading the US-Saudi-Zionist backed network of terrorists in Syria. Whatever the theory, the world has become a far more dangerous place.


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