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Corporate media myths about the takfiris’ fighting prowess

Crescent International

Are the takfiris really that great fighters or they are being projected for a sinister western agenda?

Toronto, Crescent-Online,
September 7, 2014, 21:47 DST

There is a deliberate and well thought-out plan to project the modern day Khawariji group, the takfiris as a “superb” fighting force and their so-called state (aka ISIS) as a threat to global peace.

Why when the standard practice in every war is to project one’s enemy as weak in order to gain psychological advantage and boost the morale of one’s own troops? While today, this is not the exact methodology adopted by warring parties, the end goal has remained the same: to portray oneself as strong and one’s enemy as weak.

Why are the takfiris in Syria and Iraq are being portrayed as quasi-Rambos? To understand this we must look at the events of 2003. A few weeks prior to the US invasion of Iraq, Western corporate media was full of stories about how deadly and skillful Saddam’s Republican Guards were.

The media presented the Guards as the most competent fighting force in the region. Many reports on Iraq prior to the invasion repeatedly emphasized them as fearsome but in reality, they disintegrated within hours of the invasion.

This made the US military look like an unstoppable fighting force. It was projected as a fighting machine that defeated the most “feared” and “elite” force of Saddam Hussein.

It is worth recalling that the US had in the early 1980s helped put together the Republican Guard against Islamic Iran, so Washington probably knew more about the force than Saddam himself.

The takfiris that receive vast sums of money from close US allies in the region are presented as “superb” fighters so that when their usefulness expires, they can be eliminated and this feat can be presented as a “great victory” for US forces. This process has already begun.

Our brief review of reports in the corporate media show that since the emergence of the takfiri State’s forces, they have been projected as ruthless and ruthlessly efficient fighters.

Almost every news report and statement of Western officials along with their soft-power institutions highlight how “effective” or “skilled” the takfiris are. Let us consider some basic facts to review what the truth really is.

One of the recent military achievements of the takfiris that was widely reported in the media was the capture of the Tabqa airbase in Syria. Most media reports kept repeating how this victory is another proof of their “superb” fighting skills.

There was no mention of the fact that the Tabqa airbase was under siege for over a year within territory almost completely under takfiri control. During the latest attack on the airbase the takfiris lost hundreds of men and only managed to capture the base because of their overwhelming numbers.

So are they really such great fighters? Was it really such a remarkable feat to capture an airbase that was surrounded for more than a year and storm it by thousands of fighters while those defending it were a few hundred?

Another recent battle worth looking at is the battle for the Aleppo central jail. Tens of thousands of Western backed terrorists and among them thousands of takfiris from various gangs operating in Syria held the central prison under siege for almost two and a half years.

A few hundred Syrian army soldiers (mostly conscripts) held out against them for over two years. The takfiris and their allies still failed to take the prison. In fact during the two-year battle the Syrian Army managed to eliminate key takfiri ringleaders.

Let us also not forget the battle for Qusayr, which according to dozens of video messages by the takfiris was supposed to be “the graveyard” of Hizbullah. In reality it turned out into a running track for thousands of takfiris that were routed by 1,700 Hizbullah mujahideen. The takfiris had to run all the way to Qalamun Mountains to seek refuge.

In Iraq the takfiris managed to capture territory because Baath loyalists and other armed gangs helped them, not to mention a deliberate Kurdish inaction in order to weaken Iraq as a unified state. The corporate media however, is making it seem as if the takfiris did it on their own.

It is also important to bear in mind that the takfiri groups operating in Syria and Iraq receive huge logistical support from NATO member country Turkey with Washington’s consent.

This is an open secret that all public sources of information have confirmed. With such backing who would not be able to score some successes? The takfiris travel through Turkey, get medical treatment, transport weapons and money with great ease.

Imagine if Turkey or Egypt were to provide the same logistical and materiel support to Palestinian resistance against the Zionist occupiers? Al-Quds would have been liberated a long time ago.

PS: For in-depth understanding of the US military strategy in the Middle East, read our evaluation titled – ‘Role of Special Forces in US imperial designs.’


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