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Canada Revenue Agency Must Act Against B’nai Brith for Demonizing Muslim Organizations

Crescent International

Rabbis and Imams walk hand-in-hand at Toronto's Quds Day Rally on April 30 refuting scandalous allegations of B'nai Brith, the pro-Israel group, that misses no opportunity to defame peaceful protests by Palestinians and Muslims that may lead to racist attacks against Muslims in Canada

By Khaled Mouammar

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) should examine the charitable status of B’nai Brith Canada that demonizes and attempts to destroy Canadians, especially the vulnerable Palestinian and Muslim communities, who strongly oppose the Crime of Apartheid.

On April 30, thousands of protesters rallied in Toronto to oppose apartheid Israel’s systemic discrimination, ethnic cleansing and war crimes against the Indigenous Palestinian Semitic people.

Israel’s Nation-State Law enshrines supremacy against its 2 million Palestinians citizens.

Israel also denies any civil or human rights to the 5 million Palestinians under its occupation and prevents 6 million exiled Palestinian refugees from returning to their homeland.

Today, numerous public figures, institutions and human rights organizations worldwide - including Israel’s leading human rights organizations B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and UN Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Canadian Professor Michael Lynk – recognize that Israel is guilty of committing war crimes and the crime against humanity of apartheid against the indigenous Palestinian Semitic people.

Leading the march were Jewish rabbis and Muslim Imams. Speakers at the rally included Suzanne Weiss, a survivor of the Holocaust, and Dovid Feldman, Chief Rabbi of Neturei Karta (Orthodox Jews United against Zionism) whose speech was read on his behalf because it was the Sabbath.

Below are some of the posters carried by some Rabbis at the rally:

· Jews Worldwide Mourn 74 years Existence of “Israel”

· Judaism Condemns the State of “Israel” And its Atrocities

· Torah Demands ALL PALESTINE be returned to Palestinian Sovereignty

Following the rally B’nai Brith unleashed a false and misleading campaign against those mosques whose worshippers participated in a rally opposing apartheid Israel by accusing them of hatred of Jews, even though four Rabbis leading the march and three of the main speakers at the rally, including a Chief Rabbi, were Jews.

By spreading false and misleading information that demonizes and attempts to silence Muslim Canadians, B’nai Brith may be contributing to more violent racist attacks against Muslim Canadians and their places of worship similar to the 2021 London attack that killed four members of a Muslim family, and the 2017 deadly mosque attack in Quebec City that killed six worshippers and left 20 others injured.

Israel falsely claims it represents World Jewry to silence critics of its war crimes and its crime against humanity of apartheid.

While parroting Israel’s false claim, B’nai Brith avoided attacking the Rabbis who led the march and the Jewish speakers at the rally and only accused Muslim participants of hatred of Jews.

By supporting Israel’s false claim that it represents World Jewry and that those who oppose apartheid hate Jews, B’nai Brith is demonizing Muslim Canadians who took part in the rally and, more worryingly, is providing justification for racists to blame Jews for the war crimes and the crime of apartheid that Israel has been found guilty of committing against the Palestinian people.

Canadian and international recognition that Israel is an apartheid state is the first step toward dismantling apartheid.

This is why supporters of apartheid Israel like B’nai Brith are panicking and desperately resorting to any means to silence opponents of apartheid.

Instead of defending the human rights of all Canadians, B’nai Brith spends its energy trying to silence and destroy those voices of justice that oppose apartheid.

Canadian taxpayers must not be forced to subsidize the promotion of hatred against anyone, especially the vulnerable Palestinian and Muslim communities, who oppose the crime against humanity of apartheid.

(Khaled Mouammar is a Palestinian Christian from Jerusalem living in Canada)

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