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British MP, critical of Delhi's Kashmir policy, denied entry into India despite holding a valid visa

Crescent International

Debbie Abrahams, British MP and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir in the British Parliament was denied entry into India upon arrival at Delhi airport today. She was holding a valid e-visa issued by the Indian Hight Commission in London. Indian officials were rude to Ms. Abrahams, shouting at her and holding her in a deportation cell. She was not allowed to see her relatives in Delhi and deported from India. While claiming to be a democracy, India is now a fascist state where no criticism of the regime's atrocious policies is tolerated. Ms. Abrahams is the latest victim of Indian fascism, and regrettably she won't be the last unless the world holds India accountable for its criminal conduct. There should not only be a boycott of Indian goods but India should also be treated as a pariah state until it changes its conduct.

India’s fascist regime today denied entry to a British member of parliament upon arrival in Delhi despite holding a valid visa issued to her last October.

Debbie Abrahams, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir, said she was denied entry at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi airport today despite holding a standard e-visa.

Her aide, Harpreet Upal, accompanying the MP who was on a two-day private visit to Delhi, told The Associated Press, Indian immigration officials said to her the e-visa that was valid until October 2020, had been “rejected”.

“Along with everyone else, I presented myself at the immigration desk with my documents including my e-visa, had my photograph taken and then the official looked at his screen and started shaking his head.

“Then he told me my visa was rejected, took my passport, and disappeared for about 10 minutes,” Ms. Abrahams said.

“When he came back he was very rude and aggressive, shouting at me to ‘come with me’. I told him not to speak to me like that and was then taken to a cordoned off area marked as a deportee cell.

“He then ordered me to sit down and I refused. I didn’t know what they might do or where else they may take me, so I wanted people to see me.”

Ms. Abrahams said when the Indian official disappeared, she contacted her sister-in-law’s cousin, who contacted the British High Commission in Delhi to try to find out what was going on.

“After lots of different immigration officials came to me, I tried to establish why the visa had been revoked and if I could get a visa on arrival but no one seemed to know,” she said.

“Even the person who seemed to be in charge said he didn’t know and was really sorry about what had happened,” she stated, adding that now she is waiting to be deported, unless the Indian government has a change of heart.

“I’m prepared to let the fact that I’ve been treated like a criminal go, and I hope they will let me visit my family and friends,” she said.

Compulsive liars, Indian officials tried to put a different spin on their rude treatment of a British member of parliament by claiming Ms. Abrahams wasn’t allowed to enter India because her visa wasn’t valid.

How did her visa become invalid, the Indians did not explain, but went on to insist this information she had already received “in another communication sent to her.”

When that communication was sent to her was not revealed but the Modi regime used its media outlets to immediately start spreading fake news.

The Times of India, quoting an unnamed home ministry spokesperson in Delhi said the British MP had been “duly informed” that her visa was cancelled and she arrived in Delhi despite knowing this. The paper did not explain when and how, nor did it apparently ask the unnamed home ministry official to provide more details.

Debbie Abrahams has been a member of the British Parliament for the Labour Party since 2011.

She had been trying to arrange a visit to Indian occupied Kashmir with the Indian High Commission in London but was unsuccessful, the Associated Press quoted her today, as she waited to be deported.

Instead, the Indian High Commission issued her a visitor’s visa to India but that too was rejected uponarrival at the airport in Delhi.

Ms. Abrahams will be visiting Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and she will be flying to Islamabad later.

She has been critical of India’s abrogation of Article 370 relating to the autonomous status of Indian occupied Kashmir.

It is clear that her criticism of India’s policy over Kashmir led to the Modi regime acting in this rude manner. This will hardly improve the standing of the fascist regime in the eyes of the world.

India’s abrogation of articles 370 and 35A as well as the more recent Citizens Amendment Act and Citizens National Registration policy have made the world aware of the rising tide of fascism in India.

It is a pariah state and should be treated as such.

The mistreatment of a British parliamentarian and denial of entry into India should spur human rights activists to boycott Indian goods and refuse to deal with this pariah state until it changes its atrocious conduct.

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