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Letters To The Editor

Bin Salman’s Crude Antics

Mamoun Khalid

Bani Saud’s actions are totally bizarre. From mass arrests of leading figures in the Kingdom to threats against Islamic Iran and Hizbullah, they clearly show that Muhammad bin Salman has lost his marbles. This would be laughable but for the fact that these moves affect people not only in the region but also beyond it.

Let us look at how this quirk of history occurred. Salman ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz was not in line to succeed ‘Abdullah as king. There were two other brothers — Sul†an and Nayif — that preceded Salman in seniority. But both dropped dead in quick succession opening the way for Salman to become crown prince.

Taking note of the sudden deaths of Sul†an and Nayif, ‘Abdullah appointed his half-brother Muqrin as deputy crown prince. The aim was that after Salman, Muqrin would take over. Salman, however, had other plans. After becoming king, Salman first replaced Muqrin with Muham-mad ibn Nayif as crown prince (this was a stop-gap measure to make way for his own son), and then dismissed him as well. The latter is currently under house arrest.

This is how Bin Salman became crown prince and assumed vast powers. Will he succeed in his diabolical plans? There are many nursing grudges against the arrogant brat whose only qualification is that he is the son of the king. The medieval Kingdom is definitely heading for trouble.

Mamoun Khalid
Los Angeles, CA, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 10

Rabi' al-Awwal 12, 14392017-12-01

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