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Beleaguered, angry Trump flees Washington for foreign tour

Crescent International

Washington, Friday May 19, 2017

Never before has an American regime been in such disarray as the one led by Donald Trump. Even Richard Nixon’s travails in 1973-1974 relating to the Watergate break-in do not come close.

Trump will receive a warm welcome in Riyadh—the Najdi region is very hot at this time of the year with winds blowing hot sand into one’s face—but the American president would find that less bothersome than the heat he is facing in Washington. The Arabian dinosaurs are all eagerly waiting to bow to the Washington warlord and kiss his hand.

As a narcissist, Trump would be pleased with such subservience but it cannot blow away the gathering storm in Washington. There are striking similarities with what Nixon had tried to do in late 1973 hoping to score a foreign policy triumph when he visited Saudi Arabia. That visit turned out to be a disaster and Nixon returned to Washington to face impeachment proceedings over the Watergate break-in.

Nixon was a crook but he was also clever yet he was forced to resign in disgrace to avoid being impeached. Trump is stupid; he is also extremely arrogant.

His contradictory statements have left White House staff confused, frustrated and depressed. They do not know how to defend their boss, even if they want to for fear of being contradicted by Trump.

There are reports that many of them are heading for the exit door while the ‘Deep State’ tightens the noose around Trump’s neck. But he cannot escape blame either. His statements are either false or half-truths.

The manner in which he fired FBI director James Comey has left Trump exposed to charges of obstruction of justice. Comey has said that he is willing to testify in public about his conversation at a dinner meeting last February when Trump tried to persuade him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn’s contacts with the Russians.

Flynn, a retired general, served for barely three weeks as Trump’s national security advisor before being forced to resign amid allegations of Russian manipulation of last November’s election.

Comey has further alleged that Trump had phoned to ask him whether he (Trump) was under investigation over the Russian allegations. These developments have now assumed scandalous proportions leading to the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations swirling around Trump and his advisors.

When the former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed Special Prosecutor, Trump declared angrily on May 18 that he was the victim of a witch hunt. He called it the worst treatment of any American president in history!

Meanwhile Comey has described being dismayed by Trump’s attempts to build a personal relationship with him amid the Russia investigation. A friend of Comey’s quoted him as saying that he saw Trump’s behavior in a “more menacing light” and decided to speak out.

While in Riyadh, Trump will be feted and dined—something he truly enjoys as a spoilt brat—his problems at home will not go away even if he is not present in Washington.

To understand how serious a threat he faces to his presidency, the New York Times reported today (May 19) that “several White House advisers and personal associates of Trump have urged him to hire an experienced outside lawyer to help him deal with issues arising from the controversy over whether his campaign had ties to Russia.”

American politicians are rotten to the core. They are dishonest, crooked and extremely ruthless. They are loyal to nothing except personal interest. For that, they will even sell their grandmothers.

Trump is a buffoon but also dangerous; his erratic behavior is threatening the interests of the ‘Deep State’. He has a tendency to go off script and say and do things that are damaging to them.

He has to be reined in or he will be eliminated, whether physically or politically.

Welcome to the Divide States of America!

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