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America’s "khalifah", al-Baghdadi trained at Camp Bucca

Crescent International

America's pretense about fighting the takfiri terrorists is gradually being unmasked. In a new expose, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reveals, based on his conversations with a former detainee at Camp Bucca where the terrorist leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was also held in 2004, that he was given wide access to other groups as well as promoted as a “mediator” whenever disputes arose between the Camp's inmates.

London, Crescent-online
Saturday December 13, 2014, 11:39 EST

More evidence has emerged that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is a creation of the US since his days spent in Camp Buca in the desert outside Baghdad.

Martin Chulov of the Guardian newspaper, in a story titled, ‘ISIS: The Inside Story’ (December 11, 2014) narrates his conversations with one of the ‘jihadis’ who was also at Camp Buca.

The jihadi, using the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed, was incarcerated at Camp Bucca a decade ago. He was a young man at the time and is now a senior member of the takfiri outfit that uses different names—ISIS, ISIL or even IS—all intended to link the terrorists with Islam.

Camp Bucca was the incubator where the top leadership of the takfiris was able to meet and plan their moves. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to the jihadi Abu Ahmed, was used by the Americans to arbitrate disputes between various groups at the camps.

He had free access to all the camps—all 24 of them—where more than 24,000 prisoners were held. No other prisoner enjoyed such privilege.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (real name Ali Badri Ibrahim al Samarrai) was captured in February 2004 from a friend’s house. But contrary to earlier reports of his release in 2009, he was released in December 2004, writes Chulov in his article.

Chulov writes: “Abu Bakr was a messenger for Abu Omar,” Abu Ahmed told me. “He became the closest aide to him. The messages that got to Osama bin Laden were sometimes drafted by him and their journey always started with him. When Abu Omar was killed, Abu Bakr was made leader. That time we all had in Bucca became very important again.”

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was the leader of the terrorist outfit in Iraq. His deputy was Abu Ayub al-Masri. Their deaths caused much damage to the group but the ‘alumni’ of Camp Bucca quickly replaced them.

“For us it [Camp Bucca] was an academy,” Abu Ahmed said, “but for them” – the senior leaders – “it was a management school. There wasn’t a void at all, because so many people had been mentored in prison.

“When [the civil war in] Syria became serious,” he continued, “it wasn’t difficult to transfer all that expertise to a different battle zone. The Iraqis are the most important people on the military and Shura councils in ISIS now, and that is because of all of those years preparing for such an event. I underestimated Baghdadi. And America underestimated the role it played in making him what he is.”

Chulov also accuses the Syrian government, especially its intelligence agencies, of facilitating the transfer of Sunni jihadis into Iraq. Such allegations have surfaced periodically. How much truth is there in these allegations is difficult to verify.

What is certain is that al-Baghdadi not only received his training at Camp Bucca but also, it seems the blessings of the Americans.

The US claims that it is fighting the terrorists by bombing them is highly suspect. Washington is refusing to provide the Iraqis planes despite repeated requests. The aim appears to be to re-occupy Iraq.

The other function of the terrorists is to provide the pretext for US attack on Syria since the so-called moderate rebels have failed to dislodge Bashar al Asad from power.

In fact American duplicity was revealed by Iran’s Leader, the Rahbar Imam Seyyed Khamenei in an address to foreign guests that had assembled for the conference on Takfirism. On November 25, the Rahbar told the assembled gathering that according to confirmed reports, the Americans had dropped ammunition and other weapons to the takfiris on five separate occasions.

Each time the Americans claimed it was a “mistake.” The Rahbar pointed out that one could accept a mistake once or twice, but five times is not credible.

Choluv’s report can be accessed through the following link.



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