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Rabi' al-Awwal, 14442022-10-01

Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 8

Main Stories

SCO Samarqand Summit Heralds Tectonic Shift In Global Politics

Zafar Bangash

The SCO summit held in Samarqand, Uzbekistan on September 15-16, was a major event that has ushered in major changes on the world stage. It served notice that the global economic and political balance of power has shifted to Eurasia, away from the unipolar US-led world order.

Main Stories

Nuclear Brinkmanship Or Absolute Madness?

Waseem Shehzad

In recent days, threats to use nuclear weapons have escalated alarmingly bringing the doomsday scenario much closer. These threats are not issued by tin-pot dictators like Kim Jong un of North Korea but by those that call themselves leaders of superpowers: Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden!


The UN: A Colossal Failure


The United Nations was established in 1945, even before the Second World War formally ended, with the stated aim of preventing future conflicts, to resolve disputes through peaceful means and prohibited the threat or use of force against other states. The UN has demonstrably failed in all these areas.


The Transformative Power Of The Seerah

Zafar Bangash

Since the Seerah is central to the ethos of Muslim life, it must be properly understood beyond the aspects of rituals. There is need to look at in its broader context as a process of transformation.


Bigotry Tries To Keep Truth Safe In Its Hand With A Grip That Kills It

Abu Dharr

The toxic impact of sectarianism based on ignorance has caused much havoc in the Muslim Ummah.

News & Analysis

Changing Dynamics Of Struggle In Occupied Palestine

Ayman Ahmed

That the Palestinians have not been cowed down despite the horrific cruelty of the Zionist occupiers is a testimony to their courage. Now, they are getting better organized in confronting their occupiers. Palestine Islamic Jihad has emerged as a leading challenger to the Zionists in the West Bank.

News & Analysis

Erdogan On The Wrong Side Of History On Israel-Palestine And Syria

Ahmet Mehmet

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims to be a defender of Palestinian rights but he sees no contradiction in cozying up to the zionists. Israeli president Herzog visited Ankara last March. Erdogan is about to send his ambassador to Israel and plans to visit the occupied entity after Israeli elections.

News & Analysis

El-Sisi’s Dungeons Have Become Killing Grounds For Political Prisoners

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

There are at least 65,000 political prisoners in El-Sisi’s dungeons where they are subjected to extreme torture. Many prisoners suffer from various ailments such as heart disease, diabetes etc but they are deliberately deprived of medication. A number of them have died in prison as a consequence.

News & Analysis

American Dream Eludes Afghan Refugees

Zia Sarhadi

An estimated 76,000 Afghans have been brought to the US since August of 2021. Unfortunately, they are not categorized as refugees. These Afghans risked their lives collaborating with the Americans in Afghanistan but are deprived of the opportunity to legally settle in the US.

News & Analysis

Escalation Or Negotiated Settlement Of The Ukraine Conflict?

Brecht Jonkers

The situation in Ukraine is becoming more complicated. Referendums have been held in areas where pro-Russian sentiment is strong. They will be incorporated into Russia raising the prospects of direct war between the US-led NATO and Russia.

News & Analysis

The Rise And Fall Of The Sadrist Movement In Iraq

Khalil Marwan

Moqtada Sadr is known as the maverick of Iraqi politics. While he earned much praise for taking on the Americans, his subsequent somersaults have created many problems. He enjoys widespread support among the masses but his unorthodox political tactics have caused him to lose credibility.

News & Analysis

Ban on PFI, A Social Movement, Confirms Modi Regime’s Fascist Agenda

Khurshid Alam

The racist ideology of Hindutva has captured state power in India. While the Hindutva terrorists go about killing Muslims and destroying their properties, Muslims are not even permitted to protest against such barbarism. The banning of PFI is another step in this direction.

News & Analysis

Regime Change in Pakistan Meant to Normalize Relations With Israel

Tahir Mahmoud

Pakistani generals believe that if the country were to recognize Israel, the Americans will shower them with dollars. Trial balloons in the form of visits by Pakistanis, mainly from the US, to Israel have been organized to test public reaction. Imran Khan was removed from office because he refused to along with this plot.

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