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Dhu al-Qa'dah, 14372016-09-01

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 7

Main Stories

Coup-stricken Erdogan rethinks friends and foes

Ahmet Aslan

July’s failed coup attempt in Turkey has exposed more than the coup plotters. Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan has realized that Western rulers and Nato members are not his real friends. Russia and Iran are.


Understanding Hajj beyond rituals

Zafar Bangash

Despites its being one of the most important pillars of Islam, most Muslims know little understanding about it beyond rituals. Hajj’s most important function—declaring dissociation from the mushrikeen—is seldom mentioned. It must be understood and revived.


Judicious use of $11.5 trillion Muslim wealth

Zafar Bangash

Muslims have enormous wealth at their disposal: $11.5 trillion almost equal to the US GDP of $17 trillion. How Muslim wealth is utilized will have enormous implications for their future well-being.


Hijab, burkini, and Islamophobia

Zafar Bangash

Led by the French, most Western officials seems to have taken leave of their senses. How else can one explain the ludicrous ban on burkini—the full body swimwear used by some Muslim women—under the guise of protecting women’s freedoms?


Bani Saud: why not make friends when you need them?

Abu Dharr

Why the Bani Saud fail to understand that their Zionist-imperialist masters are setting them for a fall? When people have protruding bellies, their brains often become non-functional.


Valiant resistance and Yemen’s Supreme Political Council

Catherine Shakdam

Yemen’s Ansarallah fighters have proved more than a match for the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen. Together with their allies they have forged ahead to establish a governing council in Sana‘a, the capital.

News & Analysis

Bani Qaynuqa‘, Bani al-Nadir, and Bani Qurayzah back in Madinah!

Tahir Mustafa

The Zionists are not shy about declaring that hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been visiting ‘Saudi’ Arabia even though the two regimes have no formal diplomatic relations. We need to bear in mind that Zionist maps show Makkah and Madinah as part of ‘Greater Israel’.

News & Analysis

Round-the-clock curfew, abductions, and killings continue in Indian-occupied Kashmir

Tahir Mahmoud

India’s occupation forces—most of them adherents of a racist Hindu ideology akin to Nazism—are continuing the killing and maiming of Kashmiri youth. The people of Kashmir have had enough; they want India to get out of Kashmir!

News & Analysis

Afghan regime, a two-headed donkey, comes unhinged

Zia Sarhadi

The US-crafted Afghan regime with two rulers—a president and a chief executive—had little chance of success. It is coming unhinged amid political squabbling as the Taliban make military gains across the country.

News & Analysis

Consumer orientalism in the corporate media

Umar Shahid

The Western corporate media are masters of disinformation. Their ideology is well known: everything Western is superior and others’ culture, philosophy, ideology especially those of Muslims, are inferior. Their particular target is Islamic Iran because it stands for clear Islamic principles.

Special Reports

Islamic Iran’s and Hizbullah’s heroic resistance

Zafar Bangash

The months of August and September highlight two anniversaries: the first, Hizbullah’s valiant resistance to Zionist aggression against Lebanon in 2006 and the second Islamic Iran’s eight year long epic defence of the Islamic State against the combined might of kufr emanating through Ba‘thist Iraq.

Special Reports

Zionist encroachments of al-Aqsa and home demolitions

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The Zionists not only want to occupy the whole of Palestine but their special target is al Masjid al Aqsa, the holy sanctuary. They have intensified their attacks in recent weeks as Muslim attention is diverted elsewhere.

Book Review

Evaluating Obama’s legacy as president

Eric Walberg

Canadian writer and scholar Eric Walberg reviews two books that consider Barack Obama’s legacy as president. Eric Walberg considers the Obama legacy through the eyes of James Petras who wrote The End of the Republic and the Delusion of Empire (Clarity Press, 2016; 254pp., $24.95 pbk), and Jeremy Hammond, author of Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Worldview Publications, 2016; 538pp., $22.99 pbk).

Book Review

Western writers’ weak understanding of other societies

Dmitry Shlapentokh

Russian-Iranian relations form the backdrop of this review in which Western writers are found to lack understanding of other societies because they have little knowledge of local languages, culture or access to primary sources. Dmitry Shlapentokh, associate professor at Indiana State University, South Bend, Indiana, reviews Russia-Iran Relations Since the End of the Cold War by Eric D. Moore (Routledge, 2014; 242 pp., $8.84 hbk).

Editor's Desk

Erdogan’s mixed signals after the failed coup


July’s failed coup attempt in Turkey has exposed more than the coup plotters. Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan has realized that Western rulers and Nato members are not his real friends. Russia and Iran are.

Letters To The Editor

Leading academics condemn Indian crimes in Kashmir

Kamran Shaikh

Letter writer Kamran Shaikh takes heart from the fact that more than 850 academics have signed an open letter to condemn Indian State crimes in Kashmir.

Letters To The Editor

Saudis were involved in 9/11 attacks

Julie Beckett

The Saudis were involved in the 911 attacks, says Julie Beckett from Los Angeles.

Letters To The Editor

Indian terrorism in Baluchistan

Haider Ali Khan

Haider Ali Khan comments on the recent attack on Quetta Civil Hospital which carries the fingerprints of Indian Intelligence Agency RAW.

Letters To The Editor

Caste system

Mehrunnisa Shamsi

ndia’s Caste system is an affront to human dignity, says Mehrunnisa Shamsi.

Letters To The Editor

Changed world

Tawfik Ahmed

Tawfik Ahmed welcomes an end to the unipolar world and unilateralism in global affairs.

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