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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14232003-02-16

Crescent International Vol. 31, No. 24

Islamic Movement

Dr Kalim Siddiqui: capturing the moral high ground represented by the Islamic Revolution

Kalim Siddiqui

Here we continue to reprint a series of articles reflecting on the Islamic Revolution of Iran and its impact on world history, which were written by DR KALIM SIDDIQUI and first published in 1989.

Occupied Arab World

Mubarak changing stance on Iraq and Palestine

Our Cairo Correspondent

Egypt, having maintained a low profile over Iraq and avoided having high-level contacts with Ariel Sharon, is now blaming Saddam for sabotaging Mubarak’s efforts to prevent a US attack, and is also about to entertain Sharon at a summit.

Occupied Arab World

No substance to US’s ‘conclusive’ presentation of Iraq evidence

A. G. Mohammed

US secretary of state Colin Powell’s long-awaited case for war against Iraq to the UN Security Council on February 5 was supposed to be the conclusive revelation of the full extent of evidence that America hold to justify its determination to go to war.

Occupied Arab World

Israel’s economy suffering impact of Palestinian resistance

Our Special Correspondent

Israel’s continuing economic crisis was brought to attention on February 4, when some 50 Israeli business leaders in Tel Aviv called for a broad governing coalition, despite the landslide victory on January 28 of the right-wing Likud Party, led by prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Special Reports

US implementing new regional plan for the Middle East

Zafar Bangash

​George Bush senior, father of the US president, attacked Iraq in 1991 because Saddam Husain had dared to disrupt the order imposed on the Middle East (by the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916) by invading and occupying Kuwait.


American losses as Afghans maintain resistance

Zia Sarhadi

After claiming for months that everything in Afghanistan is under their control, the Americans got a rude shock at the end of January; it has forced them to concede that several of their soldiers have been killed. But even this admission came with a fantastic amount of ‘spin’...


World largely ignoring suffering of Muslims in Kashmir

Waseem Shehzad

US president George Bush’s obsession with Saddam Husain of Iraq has eclipsed other trouble spots in the world, such as Kashmir, Chechnya and Palestine. True, Saddam is a brutal dictator who waged a vicious war against Iran for eight years, and who has tortured his own people, but is the Iraqi ruler the only tyrant in power to be guilty of such crimes?

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