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Rabi' al-Awwal, 14201999-06-16

Crescent International Vol. 28, No. 8

Book Review

American critics highlight the genocidal nature of West's policies against Iraq

Ghada Ramahi

The development and perfection of methods of mass-destruction must be counted one of the greatest accomplishments of the Eurocentric western civilization. No other civilization in history has shown such callous disregard for humanity and human life as this one.


Imam Khomeini’s legacy alive around the world


Imam Khomeini, the tenth anniversary of whose death on June 4, 1989, was marked by millions of Muslims all over the world this month, was undoubtedly the most important figure in recent Muslim history, the man whose thought and leadership effectively gave birth to what we now know as the global Islamic movement.


The Impact of Western Hegemony on Muslim thought Pt 2

Yusuf Progler

The whole idea of the millennium is intertwined with something deeper that is going on in Western civilization right now: the West is unsure of itself. It is unsure of its institutions, educational policies, business practices, social norms, and political understandings of the world.


Islam and the politics of slavery in American academia

Yusuf Progler

A quarter of a century ago, Alex Haley’s autobiographical oral history Roots sparked controversy among historians because Haley claimed that his African ancestors kidnapped into American slavery were Muslims.

Occupied Arab World

Peace moves in Algeria at mercy of powerful generals

M.A. Shaikh

The Islamic Salvation Army (AIS), the armed wing of the banned Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), announced on June 6 that it would end its armed struggle against the government permanently, and place its forces under the states’s authority.

Occupied Arab World

Barak’s election greeted with joy by the authors of Palestine’s betrayal

B Nafi

Unprecedented political euphoria engulfed the Middle East and western political circles during the days before the Israeli general elections, and as Ehud Barak’s strong victory over Benjamin Netanyahu unfolded. Despite the war in the Balkans, major international news networks, including CNN, BBC World Service...

Occupied Arab World

Egypt’s ‘all-conquering hero’ nominated for a fourth term

Crescent International

The world’s probably most obsequious elite is still celebrating the Egyptian parliament’s nomination of president Husni Mubarak for a fourth term in office on June 2, with ‘representatives of Egyptian society’ - from Sheikh-ul-Azhar and the Coptic patriarch, to chairpersons of feminist organisations - trekking to the presidential palace to declare their mabaya’ah for the ‘national hero’.

Occupied Arab World

GCC states celebrate 18 years of failure

Crescent International

The six member-states of the Gulf Co-operation Council marked the 18th anniversary of the pact’s signing on May 24. Only two days later, two members, Qatar and Bahrain, announced that they would continue to pursue their border dispute before the International Court of Justice...

Occupied Arab World

Hizbullah force Zionists’ mercenaries to ‘withdraw’ from Jezzine

Khalil Marwan

Mercenaries, especially operating on behalf of a foreign occupation-force, deserve no mercy. This is the message the Hizbullah have delivered with deadly accuracy in South Lebanon. This has got across clearly to the Zionist occupiers as well as to their surrogates, the South Lebanese Army (SLA).

South-East Asia

Anwar trial fiasco begins all over again...

MGG Pillai

The Malaysian government has bungled anew with the fresh sodomy charges it has brought against the jailed former deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim.


Benazir’s meeting with Shimon Peres raises question: whose agenda is she following?

Zia Sarhadi

Aware that if she were to return to her native Pakistan, she would end up in prison on corruption charges, Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani opposition leader, has decided to ‘languish’ in Britain.


Zionist agent Steve Emerson shows real chutzpah trying to defend his unenviable record and reputation

Waseem Shehzad

Steve Emerson has achieved a certain notoriety among north American Muslims. This self-styled expert on ‘terrorism’ is the producer of the scandalous documentary ‘Jihad in America’, which was first aired on PBS television on November 21, 1994


Kashmir mujahideen teach India a lesson in mountainous area of Kargil

Zafar Bangash, Shaikh Tajammal-ul Islam

India’s rhetorical volleys have had greater success than its artillery shells fired at the frosty peaks of the Himalayas in an attempt to flush out what it calls Pakistani-backed “intruders” (i.e. mujahideen) in Kashmir’s Kargil-Drass-Batalik sector.


Kosovars’ rights abandoned as west does a deal with Milosevic

Iqbal Siddiqui

NATO’s 11-week war with Yugoslavia over Kosova appeared finally to have ended on June 10, when its Secretary General Javier Solana suspended military operations saying that alliance intelligence sources had verified that Yugoslavia troops had begun to withdraw from Kosova.


Ex-military ruler unlikely to solve Nigeria’s many problems

M.S. Ahmed

As former head of a military government in the 1970s and a retired general since, Nigeria’s new president, Olusegun Obasanjo, knows better than most people what ails his country. But he also knows equally well that the men in uniform, universally held responsible for the mess Nigeria’s troubles...


New York policemen convicted of torture

Tahir Mahmoud

Two New York police officers were convicted this month of the horrific and brutal torture of a Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, on August 9, 1997. After his arrest outside a nightclub two years ago, Louima was beaten by four police officers in a car.

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