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Rajab, 14201999-11-01

Crescent International Vol. 28, No. 17

Book Review

The importance of Al-Quds in Judaism and Islam

Crescent International

The plight of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) under Zionist occupation is one of the most serious issues facing Muslims in the world today, and is also inseparable from the wider issue of western hegemony over Muslim lands, societies and minds.

Book Review

How and why the Serbs of Yugoslavia were pushed to genocide against Muslims

Usman Abdul-Hadi

A number of works on different aspects of the Balkan wars have highlighted the role of the Serbian nationalist media is misinforming the Serbian people of what was really going on, and of preparing the ground for the genocide of the Bosnian Muslims by demonizing them.


Pakistani experience exposes western myth of ‘democracy’


The military coup against Nawaz Sharif’s government in Pakistan last month was greeted throughout the country with joy and relief rather than popular concern for the loss of people’s ‘democratic rights’.


The rush to digitization raises ethical issues

Yusuf Progler

In certain quarters of western civilization, especially among those who design, sell and use digital computers, there is a rush toward digitization. The new technology makes possible various forms of colonization and enclosure that have been unthinkable until now.


Women: the west’s anti-Islam time bomb for the twenty-first century?

Aisha Geissinger

Human Rights Watch, a major western human rights agency, issued a report about violence against women in Pakistan on October 19, shortly after the coup there. It estimates that between 70 and 90 percent of Pakistani women are victims of domestic violence, and accuses the now-deposed government of Nawaz Sharif of not acting to change the situation...


Yaum Al-Quds: The day of the oppressed

Ibrahim Zakzaky

On Friday January 22, a month after being released from more than two years’ imprisonment, Ma’allam Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, was prevented from addressing a one-million strong Yaum Al-Quds rally in Zaria, northern Nigeria.

Occupied Arab World

Bouteflika, in humiliating u-turn, forced to acknowledge power of the military

Crescent International

When Algerian press-reports in mid-October alleged that president Abdul-Aziz Bouteflika’s failure to appoint a cabinet since his inauguration in April was because of interference from Algeria’s generals, he was indignant.

Occupied Arab World

Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt

Crescent International

Egyptian president Husni Mubarak’s new regime has arrested 20 of the Ikhwan al-Muslimoon’s most senior and prominent members this month, in the most severe crackdown since 1995.

Occupied Arab World

Shaikh Yasin remains in house arrest as west lauds Morocco’s ‘liberal’ new king

Crescent International

Morocco’s king Muhammad VI is being hailed in his country and abroad as a reforming monarch who is far more sensitive to human rights issues than his late father, king Hasan II, who died in July.

Occupied Arab World

American aid agencies accuse US of deliberately prolonging Sudan war

M.A. Shaikh

In a new twist to the latest US efforts to internationalise the Sudanese conflict and force the secession of the country’s so-called ‘Christian South’, American aid-agencies have accused Washington of prolonging Africa’s longest and costliest war.

Occupied Arab World

Tunisian Islamic activists protest across Europe in support of hunger strikers in jail

Crescent International

Shaikh Rachid Al-Ghannouchi, the exiled leader of Tunisia’s An-Nahda Islamic movement, led a five-day hunger-strike by 20 protestors outside the Tunisian embassy in London fron October 20-24. The protest was in support of Islamic activists imprisoned in Tunisian jails...


US threatens Afghanistan with UN sanctions over bin Laden

Zia Sarhadi

The US has demanded that the Taliban in Afghanistan hand the Saudi mujahid Osama bin Laden over to them fro trial by November 14, or face international sanctions.


Ichkerian capital under siege as Russians step up war on Chechens

Iqbal Siddiqui

The Ichkerian capital Jauhar-Ghala (called Grozny by the Russians) was effectively under siege again as Crescent went to press. It had been subjected to repeated air and missile attacks in the previous few days, in which hundreds of people had been killed and thousands left homeless


Muslims (and a few others) meet in the Islamic state to celebrate Imam Khomeini’s life and work

Ghada Ramahi

Iran held a major International Congress on “The Elucidation of the Islamic Revolution” in Tehran from October 2-4, to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Imam Khomeini.


Military coup brings short-term relief but little long-term hope to Pakistan’s weary people

Zafar Bangash

It is reflective of the bankruptcy of the political system in Pakistan that the dismissal of Nawaz Sharif, the ‘elected’ prime minister of ‘heavy mandate’ fame, should be greeted with relief – even joy – rather than protests by Pakistan’s people


Saudis coming (and going) in Tehran, but no sign of the Americans

Our Correspondent in Tehran

Just as a 150-strong Saudi delegation, headed by the kingdom’s minister for industries, Dr Hashem Abdullah Yamani, was about to arrive in Tehran last month, the US announced that it had fresh evidence of Iranian involvement in the Khobar bombings in June 1996.


UN legitimises state terrorism against the Islamic movement

Crescent International

The UN security council has passed two resolutions this last month, ostensibly against ‘international terrorism’, but in effect backing state terrorism against Islamic movements worldwide.

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