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Rabi' al-Thani, 14201999-07-16

Crescent International Vol. 28, No. 10

Book Review

Analysing the role of the West in Palestine, past and present

Laila Juma

One of the most remarkable facts about the massive pro-Israel bias at every level in the western media and establishment is that there is so much evidence to contradict the Zionists’ lies and propaganda easily available even from the west’s own reporters and other sources.


Perspectives on Kosova: 20/20 hindsight


A meeting in London recently witnessed a minor argument between a Kosovar alim and activist and an Iranian alim about the NATO bombing. In his speech, the Kosovar brother welcomed the NATO bombing, saying that the Muslims of Kosova hoped to be able to build an independent Muslim country in the new geo-political realities of the region.


Is the west’s high-tech anti-Muslim global spying operation over-rated?

M.A. Shaikh

The US and Britain are engaged in aggressive and illegal technology-based spying, which enables them - among other things - to monitor telephone communications anywhere in the world.

Occupied Arab World

After devastating Kosova, US returns to killing Iraqi children

Ramzy Baroud

Will the American killing- machine ever be satisfied? How long must the entire world remain hostage to the American ambition for supremacy and its reckless quest for power? Even the dreaded monster in children’s fairy-tales retreats to his cave once he has kidnapped a child from a nearby village.

Occupied Arab World

Shaikh Yassin declares jihad against Palestine ‘peace’ moves

M.S. Ahmed

Shaikh Ahmad Yassin, the leader of the Islamic resistance in Palestine (Hamas), has renewed his recent warning of an even greater sell-out to Israel. He dismissed the hope for a Middle East ‘peace’, that Arab leaders have been pinning on the recently-confirmed Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, as ‘baseless’...

South-East Asia

Challenges facing Islamic movements in Malaysia and Indonesia

Abdar Rahman Koya

Indonesia and Malaysia have many similarities. Each has a predominantly Muslim population. Indonesia has been under a dominant political party Golkar for 32 years, while Malaysia’s UMNO has been ruling the country for the past 42 years.

Special Reports

Sharing enforced passivity or making a difference?

Crescent International

The genocide in Kosova has transformed many of the survivors from self-sufficient, productive people with a virtual shadow-government of their own into objects of charity. Although some Muslim agencies and individuals have strained their resources to offer aid to the Kosovars, the relief-work has been clearly dominated by western secular and Christian groups.


Former king calls meeting on Afghanistan’s future

Zia Sarhadi

Zahir Shah, the former king of Afghanistan, refuses to fade away. Living in exile in Italy since July 1973, when he was overthrown by Sardar Daoud, his prime minister, Zahir Shah has made occasional appearances on the political stage amid suggestions of resurrecting Afghanistan’s traditional system.


Toronto Muslims battle ‘gay positive’ education

Aisha Geissinger

‘Gay-positive’ education is on the minds of many Toronto Muslim parents these days. While the province’s Conservative government claims to be bringing in a back-to-basics curriculum, and Toronto schools claim that their resources are being stretched to the limit by the provision of ESL (English as a second language) classes, time and money can still be found to inform the students that they can choose to be homosexuals!


Muslim rulers leading propaganda campaign against Islamic Iran

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

Since its establishment in 1979, the Islamic Revolution has always been seen by Muslim dictators, their media and their western masters as a source of threat - not through force of arms but by example.


Rahbar orders investigation into police action in which student was killed

Crescent International

The Secretariat of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council condemned in unequivocal terms police-action against students on the night of Friday, July 9, in which one student was killed (not five, as some reports said) and several were injured at Tehran University.


Nawaz Sharif snatches Kashmir defeat from the jaws of victory

Zafar Bangash

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan followed the traditions of his predecessors when he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Kargil. After a brilliant military operation in which the Indian army was given a bloody nose for the first time, with serious cracks appearing in its ranks...


Kazakhstan’s continuing language controversy

Crescent International

If, as is generally accepted, there is a language time-bomb ticking away in Kazakhstan, then it seems likely to explode sooner than anyone thought possible only two years ago; the issue was then believed to have been resolved by the 1997 language law, which declared Kazakh the language of the State and Russian that of common use.


Öcalan’s dovishness may yet advance Kurdish cause - and his own

Crescent International

If Turkish editors and commentators are right in their assessment of the effect of Abdullah Öcalan’s conciliatory gestures from prison on popular and establishment attitudes towards Kurdish rights and on the question of whether or not to execute him...


US targets Bin Laden, his friends and alleged friends

Zia Sarhadi

That the claimant to sole superpower status should feel threatened by one frail man living somewhere in the barren mountains of Afghanistan is strange indeed. American obsession with Osama bin Laden, the Arab mujahid, borders on paranoia.


(Some) American Muslims outraged by Zionist lobby - yet again

Crescent International

Richard A. Gephardt, a Democratic congressman from Missouri, and leader of the House’s minority group, withdrew his nomination of a ‘moderate’ Muslim to serve on a congressional commission on July 7 after the country’s Jewish lobby attacked him for being ‘anti-Israel’ and an ‘apologist’ for terrorist groups.

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