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Muharram, 14191998-05-01

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 5

Occupied Arab World

Tony Blair, saviour of the Mideast "peace process"?

Abul Fadl

Buoyed by his success in securing the Northern Ireland peace agreement, British prime minister Tony Blair last month embarked on a five-day Middle Eastern tour in an attempt to revive the long-stalled “peace process.”

Occupied Arab World

US-Zionist plot to incite Copts against Egyptian Muslims backfires

M.S. Ahmed

The US and its Zionist allies, enlisting the support of diaspora Egyptian Copts, have embarked on a highly irresponsible and cowardly campaign to incite Egypt’s Coptic minority against its Muslim majority.

Occupied Arab World

Travails of Jordan's most popular Islamic activist

Khalil Marwan

Jordan’s, and perhaps the Arab world’s most popular Islamic activist is under virtual house arrest despite being released from jail on April 16.

Occupied Arab World

Reflecting on the future of the resistance to Zionist occupation in Lebanon

Zafar Bangash

Lebanon’s political, religious and cultural diversity was reflected in a two-day seminar held in Beirut on April 14 and 15.


Abacha, part of Nigeria’s ills, rides to the rescue

Our Correspondent in Abuja

All the five registered political parties in Nigeria have adopted general Sani Abacha, the military ruler, as their candidate for the August presidential elections.


US-UN-fuelled wild ambitions may drive Ethiopia to regional war

M.A. Shaikh

Ethiopian government policy is being driven by the wild ambition of becoming not only a dominant power in eastern and northeastern Africa but also the ‘bread basket’ of the Gulf countries, as Addis Ababa’s extensive advertising for investment in the western and Arab media puts it.


Kosovar aspirations, Serb nationalism clash in the Balkans

Our Own Correspondent

The Serb assault on the Muslims of Kosova was renewed late last month, with operations in the Decani and Djakovica regions southwest of the capital Prishtina, close to the border with Albania.


Thaw in Saudi-Iran relations heralds new beginning for the Middle East

Abul Fadl

Over the past few months, Iran and Saudi Arabia have edged closer toward warmer relations after nearly two decades of acrimony, tension and hostility. Tangible signs of improved ties between Tehran and Riyadh include the numerous visits of Iranian and Saudi officials to each other’s countries...


Turkish secularists get nasty

Crescent International

Receb Tayyob Erdogan, the ‘Islamist’ mayor of Istanbul, was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment on April 21 after being convicted of inciting ‘hatred based on religious differences’ by a special security court sitting in Diyarbakir.


Wife and children of Muslim leader imprisoned in Nigeria

A Special Correspondent

Nigerian authorities last month arrested and imprisoned the wives and children of two senior Islamic activists already under arrest. Zeenah Ibrahim, wife of imprisoned Muslim leader Mu’allim Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky, was arrested in the northern town of Zaria on April 17...

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