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Sha'ban, 14191998-12-01

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 19

Book Review

As the Christian millennium dawns, its 'dark side' remains hidden

Yusuf Progler

At a recent conference, a number of Muslim scholars joined with western scientists, politicians, and Christian clergy to discuss visions for the ‘new millennium.’ No one, however, seems to recognize that the event they celebrate is the Christian millennium.

Book Review

Compelling case, based on Shari'ah, for removing the House of Saud

Mohammed H. Siddiq

This book challenges the legitimacy of the Saudi monarchy as well as attempts to draw attention to the unjust activities of the regime...


The millenium bug

Crescent International

Some Muslims, unfortunately, have a fixation with things western including ideas. The assumption is that since the west has made material progress, it must be the result of their superior thought-process.

Occupied Arab World

Israel’s diabolical genetic weapons target Arabs

Iqbal Siddiqui

Israeli scientists are working on a genetically-targeted biological weapon which would kill Arabs without affecting other peoples, the Sunday Times of London revealed on November 15.

Occupied Arab World

Zionists steal more land while claiming to implement Wye agreement

Iqbal Siddiqui

Palestinian protests against the Wye agreement broke out in Ghazzah and the West Bank towns on November 20, as the true nature of the agreement and Israeli attempts to further distort it became apparent.

Occupied Arab World

Pro-US Yemen joins anti-Sudan club in the troubled Horn of Africa

Mohamoud Sheikh Ahmed

Yemen, in a move reflecting its new close diplomatic and military ties with the US, is offering to mediate between Eritrea and Ethiopia in their territorial dispute, which is threatening to unravel the US’s carefully constructed anti-Sudan alliance in the Horn of Africa

South-East Asia

America’s kiss of death and some crucial issues in the Islamic Movement

Zafar Bangash

So despised is Uncle Sam globally that too close an identification with him can spell the death-knell for any political figure, especially in the Muslim world.

Special Reports

Plight of Muslim women in South Africa’s Black townships

Safia Mokhethi

People in the Black townships in South Africa who have recently embraced Islam are confused. The imams, alims, and Islamic scholars who come to them from outside cannot agree on any one path


Öcalan more lethal as asylum-seeker in Italy than a free Kurdish rebel

M.A. Shaikh

The bitter dispute between Italy and Turkey over Rome’s refusal to extradite Abdullah Öcalan, the founder and leader of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), to Ankara to stand trial on charges of terrorism has dealt a serious blow to Turkey’s relations with the European Union (EU).


Global tobacco mafia enlists Rushdie’s ghost against South Africa

Our Correspondent in Pretoria

South Africa, to its great credit, has taken firm steps to introduce some of the world’s toughest anti-smoking laws to the undisguised alarm of the tobacco companies, which have declared total war on the initiative, assembling some bizarre foot-soldiers, including Slaman Rushdie’s ghost to defeat it.


Legal protection for dogs but not Muslims, rule UK courts

M.S. Ahmed

Racist thugs who abuse and attack Muslims cannot be prosecuted, as Britain’s race laws ‘do not apply’ to Muslims, while anyone, including police dog handlers, meeting out similar treatment to a dog will be prosecuted and may be sentenced to a prison term.

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