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Shawwal, 14181998-02-16

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 24

Book Review

Turning humans into machines to benefit the rich

J A Progler

In his autobiography, the American industrialist Henry Ford wrote, ‘Repetitive labor... is a terrifying prospect to a certain kind of mind... but to other minds, perhaps I might say the majority of minds, repetitive operations hold no terrors.’


The life and times of Malcolm X: new reflections

J A Progler

A key document for understanding Malcolm X is his Autobiography, published posthumously by Alex Haley. The Autobiography highlights the changes Malcolm went through during his life while also maintaining several consistent concerns. However, despite its usefulness, this document needs to be viewed in the context in which it was produced.

Occupied Arab World

US-Israel-Turkey exercises could be a blessing in disguise

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

The joint military exercises held in the Eastern Mediterranean by the US, Israel and Turkey last month are an ominous development, which Muslims must treat, and resist, as grave strategic threat to their security.

Occupied Arab World

Anglo-Saxon mafia flushed out over Iraq

M.A. Shaikh

Despite lengthy and intensive lobbying by Washington and London, the only countries ready to join them unconditionally in their frenzied crusade to butcher the Iraqi people are Germany, Australia and Canada...

South-East Asia

Thai army launches operation against Muslims

Hamid Papang

Flushed with success at containing and nearly crushing the communist insurgency in Thailand, the Thai military has turned its heavy guns against the Muslims of South Thailand.

Special Reports

Pathetic state of secular Muslim regimes

Khalil Marwan

The anti-Islamic nature of regimes in the Muslim world is daily reflected in their policies - big and small - that impinge on the lives of ordinary people. Clearly, some are more fanatic in their anti-Islamic zeal than others.


Garang and allies, not Khartoum guilty of slavery, says British peer

Mohammed Elamin, Zafar Bangash

Among the numerous allegations levelled against the government of Sudan, that of slavery has perhaps had the greatest negative impact. How could slavery be allowed in this day and age, is a common refrain heard in the west.


Garaudy on trial for his thoughts, Rushdie at large, laughing

Our Correspondent in Paris

A well-known and respected French scholar, Roger Garaudy, is on trial in the land of ‘liberty’ and ‘fraternity’ for publishing a thoroughly researched and schorlarly work on the mythical foundations of Israeli policy...


Three ways to treat Indian Muslims: Hindu chauvinist forces chalk out new strategy

K. C. Saleem

Hindu chauvinist organisations - the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) - have chalked out new strategies in their quest for electoral success leading to power in India.


Turkey’s Islamic movement at crossroads

Crescent International

Three weeks after Turkey’s constitutional court announced its decision to ban the Refah Party and Necmettin Erbakan for being too Islamic, publication of the verdict and its reasons in the official gazette are still awaited.


US religious mission to China, a rebuff to Muslims

Our Own Correspondent

A high-level delegation of American religious leaders, hand-picked by the white house and approved by Beijing, which is touring China does not include American Muslims and will not visit Muslim regions or meet Chinese Muslim representatives, although its official mission is to assess the state of religious freedom in the communist country.

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