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Daily News Analysis

Powell: Hero or global war criminal? 

Iqbal Jassat

Rabi' al-Awwal 13, 14432021-10-20

News & Analysis

Tiny Qatar trying to act big on the global stage

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 14312010-03-01

Even US President Barack Obama piped in with a video message telling the assembled crowd that he was serious about “engaging” the Muslim world, whatever that may mean...

News & Analysis

Gitmo thrives despite Obama’s much-trumpeted promise

Zia Sarhadi

Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 14312010-03-01

No less serious is the refusal of Congress to authorise funding for the prison or prisons on US mainland where detainees are to be transferred or even the authority to transfer those to be held indefinitely.


Obama’s report card after one year

Abu Dharr

Muharram 15, 14312010-01-01

But Obama has been a huge disappointment to most Americans as well. Republican Scott Brown’s victory to the senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts since 1972 is reflective of this mood swing...

Editor's Desk

The gulag at Guantanamo defines US values


Muharram 15, 14312010-01-01

US President Barack Obama’s January 22 deadline for closing the Guantanamo torture chamber has come and gone...

Main Stories

Obama’s surge becomes scourge for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Zia Sarhadi

Dhu al-Hijjah 14, 14302009-12-01

Dissenting voices against the surge and futility of war were heard from the antiwar movement but these are largely confined to the internet...

News & Analysis

“Security” operations target Muslim charities

Sami Haider

Ramadan 11, 14302009-09-01

KindHearts officials have denied being connected to any terrorist group ever since federal agents sealed the charity’s office in 2006...

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