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Keyword: US policies

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Daily News Analysis

Zionist lobby threatens even US security to advance pro-Israel agenda

Crescent International

Sha'ban 07, 14312010-07-19

Consumed by hatred of Islamic Iran, the US zionist lobby frequently papers over issues that really threaten US policies in order to advance its own agenda.

Guest Editorial

From neo-conservatives to neo-liberals, US policy to remain pro-Israel

Abu Dharr

Muharram 04, 14302009-01-01

Never fall asleep when a “superpower” is watching you, especially if that “superpower” is a Zionist-crazed, anti-Islamic regime as is the case with the outgoing and incoming American administrations. In the past eight years the world has had to endure distress, be subjected to vicious wars, and be forced to abandon hope because of a group of politicians in the US called the neo-conservatives.

Special Reports

The Zionist diatribe underpinning American attitudes towards Muslims and Arabs

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

Jumada' al-Ula' 13, 14252004-07-01

Recent US policies towards Muslims and the Muslim world, and particularly their treatment of Muslim prisoners in Iraq, Guantanamo and elsewhere, reveal a deep fear and contempt of Muslims...

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