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Guest Editorial

From neo-conservatives to neo-liberals, US policy to remain pro-Israel

Abu Dharr

Never fall asleep when a “superpower” is watching you, especially if that “superpower” is a Zionist-crazed, anti-Islamic regime as is the case with the outgoing and incoming American administrations. In the past eight years the world has had to endure distress, be subjected to vicious wars, and be forced to abandon hope because of a group of politicians in the US called the neo-conservatives. These megalomaniacs wreaked havoc upon the Islamic landmass with their “war against terrorism” doctrine. They have destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of Muslims on the spurious accusation that Islam is synonymous with the behavior of creatures of their own making — those who emerged during resistance to the Soviet occupation of oppressed Afghanistan (the Taliban) and the Iraqi-imposed war on Islamic Iran (Saddam and his Ba‘ath elites).

These militaristic megalomaniacs have gradually drifted away from the public eye. Gone are the bluster and bravado that marked their public appearances over the airwaves and in the mass media, bragging about nation-building and democratizing the Middle East. Their voices now are part of a faint political memory that the public always suffers from. Their economic disaster, though, will not go away. They have poured the virtual American budget and treasury down a bottomless pit called Iraq and a hellhole called Afghanistan. Subsequently, the financial fault lines in the American economy are beginning to widen. The American voter realized at the eleventh hour that the neo-conservatives have used the American military in counterproductive adventures; now the whole country is beginning to see “the end.” In voting against the last eight years of war-mongering, a majority of the electorate of 131 million American voters opted for what they perceived to be a way out: the Democrats. Enter the neo-liberals, another crop from the same seeds of pro-Israeli American politics. Gone is the old harvest of neo-conservatives whose names are now virtually dust: Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Ken Adelman, Paul Wolfowitz, and their tailing and trailing camouflages: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and their intellectual primate Fu’ad ‘Ajami.

Now we have their democratic counterparts moving in to fill their vacancies. Soon to be all over the political scene are the likes of Dennis Ross, Rahm Israel Emmanuel, Aron Miller, Daniel Kurtzer, and other “in your face” and “behind the scenes” Israeli loyalists who admire American wars against Muslims as much as they hate Islamic independence from Zionism and imperialism.

Obamania will subside sooner rather than later, simply because his task — which he cannot but accept — is to contain and deter Islamic Iran while “watching out for Israel.” The American press is setting the groundwork for the incoming assemblage of Israeli faithful. The media in the US is bombilating with news items such as “Tehran test-fires rocket with range to hit Israel,” “Sajjil is more precise than first models.” The media is beginning to feed the aggressive tendencies of trigger-happy Israeli diehards with refrains such as, “Our next president [Obama] must recognize that the remorseless violence of jihadist terrorists springs from deformed images of the sacred and implacable hatred of the ‘profane.’ The seemingly nihilistic obliteration of human flesh in a spray of nails and screws and flame is both an abstraction — self-sacrifice on the altar of expected immortality — and a shrewdly calculated tactic of psychological warfare. This tactic intends to destroy from within our faith in our values and in ourselves. Our willful blindness allows the jihadist enemy to advance ever closer to transforming his or her random victims’ pain into jihadism. Before our next president can win the war on terror, this crucial fact must first be understood.” Another refrain from the left of the American liberal spectrum says, “Mr. Obama’s War: The president-elect must both sustain and reform the fight against terrorism.”

Presumably, the recycled Clintonites who are quickly filling up the vacant foreign policy positions are to go where no Republican neo-cons have gone before: to look for hardliners who will check Islamic Iran’s legitimate ambition to acquire nuclear technology and to simultaneously deploy moderates who can engage Islamic Iran in negotiation and dialogue.

On the Islamic Iranian side of this “war of wits” there are some “takers.” The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian Ministry of Culture, and some Iranian ambassadors and diplomats feel comfortable with a grand bazaari bargain that will serve the Iranian national interest but not the strategic Islamic interest.

Throughout the last eight years, Islamic Iran has emerged as the regional power in the Islamic East and the United States is having difficulty resembling the “superpower” it used to be. This means in practical terms that Iran has built up in these years an inventory of political negotiating power. And the US has lost an inventory of the same negotiating power. It is in this imbalance that Obama comes out saying he wants to open a serious dialogue with Iran. And with all the Israeli hawks around him it is difficult to believe in the sincerity of such a gesture. Obama’s rhetoric amounts to a drop of perfume in a cesspool of manure. As the world turns, the US moves inexorably towards a diminishing negotiation position as it has placed all its political eggs in the Israeli basket; and Israel is not doing well at all. Israeli elections are scheduled for the first half of February. And those elections are going to be, if the past is any indicator, the engine that runs the American government in all its relations with the Muslim world.

If a war-cabinet is elected in ethnocentric Israel, and by all indications that is what will happen, Washington will be prompted from Tel Aviv through the Yahudi operatives who swarm throughout the American establishment to modernize its nuclear arsenal and reinvigorate its nuclear capabilities. The world may be on the verge of entering a new nuclear age. Terminology that was buried with the Soviet Union will be resurrected, not because of Iran acquiring nuclear technology but because the two nuclear powers who are not rubber-stamping Tel Aviv and Washington on Iran are nuclear Russia and nuclear China. We will, on Obama’s watch, be reintroduced to “massive retaliation,” “mutual assured destruction,” “flexible response,” “nuclear utilization theory” and other such concepts that may have had a scary and spooky effect on godless atheists in an empire of evil. But these can only have a reassuring, motivational, and comeuppance effect on the Islamic State and the Islamic Movement, which are here to stay and not intimidatable by cold-war rhetoric.

Officials and members of the Islamic State and Movement should know that the United States and Israel got away with 9/11. That plan was hatched deep inside the conspiratorial recesses of their most contemptible brains and callous hearts. Any simple Muslim will tell you that in our history and Seerah we do not have any equivalent of 9/11. We do not have free-wheeling Muslims attacking innocent people in the downtown areas of the opponents’ urban areas. We settle our scores — fair and square — at the battlefield. And that battlefield is now in the Islamic backyard. The Yahudi imperialists wanted to take this war to the Islamic hemisphere by using 9/11 for their nefarious purposes. And now they are stuck in the consequences of their own atrocious and wicked schemes.

The next chapter in the diplomatic and shadow war between America the imperialist and Israel the Zionist on one side and Islam the state and Islam the movement on the other side is going to be unfolding during the presidency of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden with all their Israeli Svengalis and pawns.

As this war of wits continues between Washington and Tehran the rulers in the Egypt of the Pharoahs and in the Arabia of America are gradually losing touch with reality. And therein lies the spectre of these presidents and kings acting out their final act of treason and nifaq.

The black man cannot change the color of the White House. He will do as his masters tell him to. It is as simple as that.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 37, No. 11

Muharram 04, 14302009-01-01

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