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Keyword: Super Powers

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A world without Superpowers

Zafar Bangash

Rabi' al-Thani 25, 14292008-05-01

No one could have expected that, less than two decades after the demise of the Soviet Union, the world’s “sole superpower”, the US, would also be close to collapse. This is the result of “imperial overstretch”, extravagant spending and grand larceny by a small coterie within the ruling elites at home. Soon after the Soviet Union disintegrated, a group of rightwing zealots—the neo-conservatives—started talking about “full-spectrum dominance” and preventing any rival power from emerging to challenge the US’s hegemony.

Book Review

A candid look at the true state of the world’s real ‘rogue state’

Rahhalah Haqq

Muharram 07, 14222001-04-01

American foreign policy hacks coined the term ‘rogue state’ to refer to those regimes that refuse to bow to American aspirations for world supremacy. At different times, this appellation has been applied to Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, and others.

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