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Daily News Analysis

Saudi succession battle goes to Paris

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Akhirah 04, 14372016-03-13

While there is war raging in the inner sanctums of Bani Saud, the two head honchos are also going head-to-head to accumulate brownie points to prove their eligibility for the throne. The majority of senior princes are extremely unhappy with the way the kingdom's policy is being conducted. Defence Minister Mohammad bin Salman's failures are piling up but being son of the king is his big advantage. Mohammad bin Nayef has struck back.

Letters To The Editor

Saudi succession battle

Jalal Sobhan

Safar 19, 14342013-01-01

Saudi Arabia is definitely heading for turbulent times. With King Abdullah virtually in his grave and Crown Prince Salman soon to follow, what will come next for the desert kingdom?

News & Analysis

Nayef’s death causes panic in the Saudi Kingdom

Tahir Mustafa

Sha'ban 11, 14332012-07-01

The death on June 16 of Saudi “Crown Prince” Nayef ibn ‘Abd al-Aziz in Geneva has sent the desert kingdom into a frenzy of grief and panic.

News & Analysis

Saudi king’s trip to US for medical treatment heightens kingdom succession gossip

Waseem Shehzad

Dhu al-Qa'dah 24, 14312010-11-01

His majesty, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, aka Khadim al-Haramayn (Servant of the Two Holy Places but his sycophants insist on calling him “Custodian”) is not well. In fact, so unwell that he had to be taken in wheelchair to a fully equipped luxury-fitted 747 Jumbo Jet before being flown to the US on November 22.

Occupied Arab World

Kuwait in constitutional turmoil as royals fail to agree a successor to Shaikh Jabir

M.S. Ahmed

Muharram 02, 14272006-02-01

Kuwait is often described as a democracy, because of the fact that it has a constitution (introduced a year after it gained its independence from Britain in 1981) and an elected parliament. But neither the constitution nor parliament has been able to prevent the ruling family, the House of al-Sabah, from monopolising power and controlling the Emirate's oil-wealth;

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