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Keyword: State terrorism

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Daily News Analysis

Sisi’s Dictatorship Ravaging Egypt

Dr Aayesha Soni

Rajab 01, 14402019-03-08

The video is chilling: 23-year-old Mahmoud el-Ahmady desperately appeals to the judge in an Egyptian court. His testimony is agonising to watch: a young man who has obviously been brutalised by an unfair regime, now trying to prove his innocence before a flawed justice system.


UN legitimises state terrorism against the Islamic movement

Crescent International

Rajab 22, 14201999-11-01

The UN security council has passed two resolutions this last month, ostensibly against ‘international terrorism’, but in effect backing state terrorism against Islamic movements worldwide.

Occupied Arab World

Israel and its SLA surrogates commit more crimes against civilians in Lebanon

Khalil Marwan

Rabi' al-Thani 28, 14181997-09-01

Unable to get away with its bloody-minded policies, the Zionist State of Israel has resorted to the one ploy it knows best: State terrorism.

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