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French Spew Anti-Qur’an Venom

Tahir Mustafa

Ramadan 16, 14392018-06-01

The French never miss an opportunity to spew anti-Muslim venom. From leading the anti-hijab/anti-niqab crusade to their war on the burkini, now they are spewing poison against the Qur’an.

Main Stories

A new Western crusade: this time against Libya

Zafar Bangash

Rabi' al-Thani 27, 14322011-04-01

The West’s attack on Libya is yet another crusade launched against a Muslim country on the pretext of protecting its people. Pope Urban II would be pleased to learn that his disciples are still marching on as good “Christian soldiers” against another group of “heathens” in the Muslim world nearly a thousand years after his sermon on Mount Clermont.

Occupied Arab World

France’s Sarkozy joins the US in cultivating Arab states

M.S. Ahmed

Muharram 23, 14292008-02-01

While George W. Bush made his imperialistic tour of the Middle East last month, French president Nicholas Sarkozy (pic) was also in the Persian Gulf. Among other things, he agreed a $4 billion deal to build nuclear power stations there and to establish a military base in Abu Dhabi, just across the Gulf from Islamic Iran. The deal secures lucrative contracts for French nuclear companies, and the base is France's first military presence in the region.


France’s new government moves to reassert neo-imperial power in north Africa

M.A. Shaikh

Rajab 17, 14282007-08-01

In the past decade, the US has been able to replace France as the most influential foreign power in former French colonies such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Given the US’s status as the “world’s sole superpower” and its ruthless determination to entrench and exploit that status, it is not strange that France lost its self-confidence as a world power and played second fiddle to Washington even in its own former colonies.

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