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Keyword: Kufr

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The Ascendant Qur'an - Volume 10

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Shawwal 27, 14372016-08-01

Imam al-‘Asi has rendered and continues to render a great service to the Ummah by explaining the Qur’anic ayat in such a way as to have them explain today’s situation. While the Qur’an provides narratives of earlier people, these are not meant as mere stories from history but as timeless lessons so that we may avoid the fate of our predecessors by ordering our lives in conformity with Allah’s (SWT) commands. The lessons in this sequence of ayat from Surah al- Ma’idah are especially applicable today as they talk about authority and divinity. At a time when man-made laws have run amok causing havoc with the lives of the vast majority of humanity, the Qur’anic guidance comes to the rescue of committed Muslims, and by extension, a wayward humanity. It is for us to internalize these lessons by renewing our covenant with Allah (SWT) and His prophet (SAW).


Historical Roots of ISIS

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Rabi' al-Thani 23, 14362015-02-13

This issue of kufr and takfir is probably on many minds and we have been trying to trace it and to explain it and to expose it. Everyone who’s someone is commenting on the atrocities and the bloodshed and the acts of savagery that have been committed in the name of Islam against Muslims and non Muslims alike. This khutbah shall be another contribution for our heightened consciousness of Allah’s authoritative power presence in our affairs, in other words, to reinforce the taqwa in us. We want to mention to you that the word kufr and its derivatives is to be found or mentioned in about 525 or 535 times (in the Qur’an). One source says 525 (and) another source says 535. Whatever the case is, the word kufr is mentioned more than 500 times in the Qur’an. This is a very important word obviously.

Occasional Paper

Unity And Integration -- Sources of Islamic Resurgence

Perwez Shafi

Rabi' al-Awwal 13, 14312010-02-27

(Paper presented at the Islami Wahdat Conference, Tehran) The unity is one of the most important value not only of Islam but of all other religions as well as of man-made secular ideologies. It is considered as a fundamental building block in human and social relations without which no higher purpose or lofty goal can be achieved. This is recognized and acknowledged by all of humankind.


The world of Kufr in Unison

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Shawwal 04, 14161996-02-23

As the days and years go by, our certainty and assurance of Allah’s promise and His words increase. In the varying ayaat of the Qur’an reference is made to those who are opposed to the presence of Allah in reality- these types are to be found almost everywhere. In the verses of the Qur’an, Allah (Whose wisdom is overwhelming and Whose Will is overpowering), on several occasions highlights the confusion of those who have made their lives an arena of activity opposed to Gods presence. We were standing here 13 years ago- in those circumstances, the world was another place; there has been many changes that have occurred since that time. In that world of 13 years ago there was a superpower in what they conveniently described as a superpower world; there was a Soviet Union and a United States. In the climate of that world there were tendencies to believe that there was some type of genuine clash of ideologies and policies between one or the other.

Occasional Paper

Primary goals and achievements of the Islamic Revolution in Iran

Kalim Siddiqui

Dhu al-Qa'dah 11, 14041984-08-08

[Kalim Siddiqui, Primary goals and achievements of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, London: The Muslim Institute, 1984. This paper was Dr Siddiqui's keynote speech at the Muslim Institute's World Seminar on ‘The Islamic Revolution in Iran: Achievements, Problems and Prospects’ held in London from August 8-11, 1984. It was reprinted as the introduction to Kalim Siddiqui (ed), Issues in the Islamic Movement 1983-84 (London and Toronto: The Open Press, 1985) and in Zafar Bangash (ed), In Pursuit of the Power of Islam: Major Writings of Kalim Siddiqui (London and Toronto: The Open Press, 1996).]

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