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Keyword: Jihad

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Spectre of al-Qa’ida returns to Egypt despite former militants’ repentance

Iqbal Siddiqui

Rajab 17, 14282007-08-01

One little-noticed story in the international media last month was the reported arrest and interrogation of 40 men in Egypt, allegedly for having links with al-Qa’ida. According to reports first carried in Al-Masry al-Yom, an independent Egyptian daily newspaper, the men were actually arrested in April but news of the arrests was deliberately not released. Subsequent media investigations have unearthed further details, many of them inconsistent.


Following the Prophetic model of jihad

Zafar Bangash

Shawwal 28, 14262005-12-01

All creatures learn by example. Although this is a natural process, it can also have negative consequences. There is a well-known hadith of the noble Prophet of Allah, upon whom be peace, to the effect that a person adopts the character of the company he keeps for 40 days.

Occasional Paper

Martyrdom, Arise and Bear Witness

Ali Shariati

Sha'ban 11, 14262005-09-15

There has been much written and said and much continues to be written and said about Imam Hosein and the role he played in history. The ancients have explained him one way and the innovating intellectuals in another. But as I realized recently, we cannot know what Imam Hosein has done without understanding what the meaning of martyrdom really is.

Occasional Paper

Jihad & Shahadat: A Discussion of Shahid

Ali Shariati

Jumada' al-Akhirah 08, 14262005-09-15

The term "martyr," derived from the (Latin) root "mort, "implies" death and dying," "Martyr" is a noun meaning "the one who dies for God and faith." Thus a martyr is, in any case, the one who dies. The only difference between his death and that of others is to be seen in the "cause." He dies for the cause of God, whereas the cause of the death of another may be cancer.

South-East Asia

Hundreds in south-east Asia sign up for jihad against American global hegemony

Abdar Rahman Koya

Rajab 29, 14222001-10-16

George W. Bush insists that nations who do not support the “war against terrorism” are themselves terrorists: Muslim leaders in Southeast Asia have their own reasons to take the ‘ultimatum’ seriously.


Reviving the Sunnah: the key to reawakening the spirit of Jihad in the Ummah

Anisa Abd el Fattah

Sha'ban 08, 14201999-11-16

Regardless of which interpretation of Islamic history that we choose to follow there are some basic truths about our history as Muslims, along with the truths of the Qur’an and hadith...


Kashmir movement needs to abandon ‘internationalization’ and get back to basics of jihad

Zafar Bangash

Jumada' al-Ula' 04, 14201999-08-16

‘Internationalisation’ has become the new buzzword in the post-Kargil environment in Pakistan. Government spokesmen miss no opportunity to put the most positive spin on the Washington Agreement that prime minister Nawaz Sharif was humiliatingly forced into on July 4.

Book Review

Struggling to fit Islam - the divine religion - into the American mainstream

Aisha Geissinger

Jumada' al-Ula' 10, 14191998-09-01

Steven Barboza’s book, American Jihad, is an inversion of the message of Emerson’s ‘Jihad in America’. Barboza uses the idea of jihad and the life of Malcolm X - a combination guaranteed to get most Americans’ attention - as starting-points for a discussion of the different ways American Muslims practise jihad.


Dimensions of contemporary jihad

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Dhu al-Qa'dah 18, 14161996-04-07

My presentation to you this evening concerns an area and a subject that has become a worldwide topic. The media has been playing football with the word jihad. They toss it around from one corner of the Earth to the other; they bounce it around from one Muslim community to the next and they try to make for it an explanation for their aggressive and war-like policies. The problem that we encounter as Muslims, (I don’t mean probably you and I, but in the larger context of Muslims is that many of us at times turn apologetic when it comes to the word jihad, either because we don’t understand what the word means in the Qur’an or we don’t understand what the enemies of Islam mean to us or we don’t understand both these issues; we don’t understand jihad as it was meant in the context of this world and we don’t understand what the Mushriks and the Kafirs are about in the context of this world.

Occasional Paper

Jihad and Shahadat

Mahmud Taleghani

Rabi' al-Thani 20, 14061986-01-01

What is the meaning of jihad in Islam? How has Islam progressed? How many human casualties were caused by this great intellectual, social, and moral revolution which appeared in the Arabian peninsula? Were the wars of the beginning of the Islamic era defensive or offensive? These questions in themselves are so extensive that if we decided to discuss them all in detail we would not have enough time to focus on the central issue itself.

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