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Keyword: Hadiths

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Book Review

Two exciting books about hadith literature

Tahir Mahmoud

Safar 01, 14382016-11-01

If Muslims want to learn how hadith literature has been distorted, these two books will help them in this quest.


Hadiths that are legitimizing the Abbasid Dynasty

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Muharram 20, 14382016-10-21

We’ve been trying to do justice to the issue of hadith. This is an area that has not been approached by those who qualify to approach it. In the previous khutbahs we spoke about how the Umawi dynasty contrived hadiths to serve its own purposes and to try to convince people of its legitimacy which it did not have; but this did not stop there. We go from the contrived hadiths of Bani Umayyah to the contrived hadiths of Bani Al Abbas.

Occasional Paper

Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (a) Part II [Lecture 11]

Hamid Algar

Rajab 29, 14222001-10-16

Last time looked at Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq [AS] the sixth of the twelve Holy Imams [AS]. His accomplishments in general and then with particular regards to the development of Shi’ism. Broke off with the consideration of the doctrine of Nass – the insistence that each Imam [AS] must have been nominated by his predecessor – in a witnessed nomination and preferably set down in writing. This process was retrospectively claimed by Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq [AS] to have occurred with each of the Imams [AS], and if in the case of Imam Ali [AS] the First Imam [AS] this had not occurred then it is because of the denial of the request of the Prophet [sAW] on his deathbed that writing implements be brought forth in his presence. It may be assumed or it is assumed by Shi’i authors for him to dictate once again his intentions for Ali [AS] to succeed him as the Imam [AS].

Book Review

Essays on hadith and Sunnah enlightening for lay readers

Abdar Rahman Koya

Dhu al-Qa'dah 07, 14212001-02-01

HADITH AND SUNNAH – IDEALS AND REALITIES edited by P.K. Koya, 2nd. edition, 2000; Islamic Book Trust, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Email ibtkl@pd.jaring.my). Pp: 360. Price: RM36.

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