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Keyword: Economic Hardship

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News & Analysis

High Oil and Bread Prices Compound Egypt’s Financial Woes

Ayman Ahmed

Sha'ban 29, 14432022-04-01

Egypt’s dependence on Russian and Ukrainian wheat has caused enormous problems for the Egyptian people. The price of bread, the staple diet of most Egyptians, has risen sharply together with escalating oil prices. Egypt under General Sisi is in deep economic trouble.

Week In Review

Signs of Saudi economic desperation becoming more evident

Ramadan 25, 14412020-05-18


Pakistan paying a high price for Musharraf’s urge to please the US

Zia Sarhadi

Jumada' al-Akhirah 18, 14242003-08-16

In his eagerness to appease the US, Pakistani president general Pervez Musharraf has uncorked the very demons policy-makers in Islamabad have struggled for 50 years to banish...

Special Reports

Micro-finance institutions: effective weapon in the war against rural poverty

Khalil Umar

Ramadan 28, 14191999-01-16

As the world inches closer toward the new millennium, humanity continues to be polarized into rich and poor. The rich mostly live in the industrialized countries of the northern hemisphere, while the poor mainly inhabit the developing countries of the South.

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