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Obama and Osama cut from the same cloth by the same tailor

Abu Dharr

Ramadan 22, 14312010-09-01

September is the month of 9/11. How can anyone forget 9/11? Dare anyone forget 9/11?! And if it is beginning to slip out of a public’s mind that is really more interested in the New York Yankees than in the World Trade Center, then in comes the “controversy” to rekindle the flames of 9/11

News & Analysis

“Ground Zero Mosque” crisis and the smoke screen of moderate Muslim identity

Zainab Cheema

Ramadan 22, 14312010-09-01

The renaming of the Center is a particularly eye-catching facet of this enterprise. The Cordoba House, named for Al-Andalus’s achievements in erudition and cultural pluralism, is now the rather legalistic Park 51 Center, shearing off the historical allusions to past Islamic civilizations.

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