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Obama and Osama cut from the same cloth by the same tailor

Abu Dharr

September is the month of 9/11. How can anyone forget 9/11? Dare anyone forget 9/11?! And if it is beginning to slip out of a public’s mind that is really more interested in the New York Yankees than in the World Trade Center, then in comes the “controversy” to rekindle the flames of 9/11

September is the month of 9/11. How can anyone forget 9/11? Dare anyone forget 9/11?! And if it is beginning to slip out of a public’s mind that is really more interested in the New York Yankees than in the World Trade Center, then in comes the “controversy” to rekindle the flames of 9/11.

That controversy is the celebrated news item about the Cordoba House. This is supposed to be a plan to build a 15-story Islamic Center on what is called “ground zero” by the imposing mainstream media. The site on which this Islamic Center is going to be built, we are told, is going to cost around $15 million. We know that the Muslims in the United States, even though they are, by and large, well-to-do, professionally prosperous, and financially capable of coming up with that amount if their pockets were as open as their minds are closed on the issue of sadaqat, zakah, and infaq. The sad truth of the matter is that the upper crust of the American Muslim community are scared stiff to contribute and donate to Islamic causes because they are afraid that the FBI or another arm of the American government will come knocking on their door, drawing them into a session of Q’s and A’s and then eventually accusing them in a court of law of aiding or financing terrorist causes!

So now, as we are certain that the debatable project of having a masjid or Islamic Center constructed on the jingoistic grounds of the area that once held the Twin Towers is not and will not be financed by the moneyed Muslims in America, the question is: where is the money going to come from? And you don’t need an advanced double degree in international financing and government and politics to know that a sum of $15 million can be traced to the petroleum peninsula of Arabia. Just like the 19 hijackers were traced to that same place, so are the $15 million traceable to that “source of trouble” in the Penisula.

There are many pieces of information left out of the official 9/11 narrative, and now there are many pieces of information left out of the Cordoba House narrative. And just as some Muslims’ emotions felt relieved to see two symbols of capitalism crash to the ground then, today we have some Muslims’ emotions relieved to see an Islamic Center go up in that same Manhattan area! In the absence of rational Muslims, emotional Muslims claim the day. This pretty much explains the dramatic event of Barack Hussein Obama hosting such emotional Muslims for an iftar in the first jumu‘ah of Ramadan. Hmmm… Is the White House Iftar on the first jumu‘ah in Ramadan supposed to contravene the last jumu‘ah in Ramadan, which is the Global Day of al-Quds? And as if on queue the president of the United States fuels the issue of the “Ground Zero Mosque” with his remarks, which were applauded by our impassioned Muslim attendees, that the Muslims have a right to build their mosque. That must have been a high calorie statement for the hungry Muslims there minutes before their iftar. Strictly speaking, they had their iftar the moment they set foot inside the White House! Barack Hussein Obama’s choreographers could not have done a better job.

Now shall we step outside the combination of hungry-in-the-stomach and craving-for-recognition Muslims and the “throw them the media bone” hosts in the White House and take a look at the larger picture. It is disconsolate to say that we the Muslims are grasping at straws when our public figures report to the White House for iftar. We can’t help but think of the master-minds who are behind the scenes. These are not the heads of the CIA and Mossad; they are the generators of the CIA and Mossad. These are the ones who simultaneously produced for us out of the ashes of the Afghanistan decade (the 1980s) both Osama and Obama! One of them clinging on to life in a cave somewhere in the isolated frontiers of AF-PAK (that is if he is still alive, which we seriously doubt) and the other one trotting the globe on Air Force One, coming back home to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The distance between Osama and Obama and their mysterious fostering borders on the surreal. But we are not going to be entertained by this couple. In the broader scope of things there are larger fish to fry.

In the world of economics you follow the dollar. In the world of politics you follow Yahud. One of them will eventually lead you to the other. When Wall Street sneezes the Knesset catches a cold. And when we combine the two we come up with a class of people who are wound up and on the move because the Israeli enclave is endangered. The identical political twins in the American Congress and the Israeli Knesset are moving their military pieces around the globe as if it were a chess board. The USS Truman carrier has been relocated from Afghanistan-related duties to Dubai in the vicinity of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz; and on it there are thousands of marines. Most of these marines are lower class Americans who enlisted because they could not find a decent job in the failing American economy, so they found their way to the recruiting office to improve their future prospects.

In the USA, nowadays, the military is quickly becoming the foremost employer. When a person cannot find a job, he or she joins the military. When the industrial sector goes under and the military is beefed up you know that a country is living its sunset stretch. All eyes are on the Persian Gulf where the USS Truman is said to be carrying 6,000 marines and sailors. It has seven squadrons and a flotilla of four more vessels: the guided missile cruiser USS Normandy, the guided missile destroyer USS Winston Churchill, the USS Oscar Austin destroyer and the guided missile destroyer USS Ross. And did you think the US is alone in the Persian Gulf? No.

In July the Israeli navy placed its older U-209 and newer U-212 Dolphin class diesel submarines in the Persian Gulf in what can be called battle formation. These submarines were received from Germany — another act of atonement by the German authorities for what happened in World War II by the Nazis. These Zionist submarines in the Persian Gulf are known to have naval commando squadrons trained in acts of sabotage against sea and shore targets.

Here we have it: imperialist and Zionist forces ganging up in the Persian Gulf. On Aug. 8, men armed with AK-47s boarded and robbed four ships off Iraq’s port of Umm Qasr. The ships were the MV Armenia, flagged in Antigua and Barbuda; the MV Crystal Wave, flagged in North Korea, the MV Sana Star, flagged in Syria, and the US flagged MV Sagamore. The diabolically resourceful Israelis boarded the American ship to camouflage their operation against the other three ships. While all of this is going on, not even a peep is heard from the house-of-cards House of Saud. To the contrary, what we did hear was that there were Israeli military aircraft landing at an Air Force Base inside that “Islamic Kingdom”! King ‘Abdullah’s American Arabia had to deny such reports for obvious reasons. But is there anything or has there ever been any occasion when the Saudi rulers objected to American or Israeli military movements? Of course not. They dare not. They know their kingdom will not survive, or at least they will not survive such objections.

Their crafty assassination of King Feisal was meant as a lesson to the Saudi dynasty, brought to them by the same ones who brought us Osama and Obama. You can rest assured that the speech that was given at the beginning of August by al-Sayyid Hasan Nasrullah was equivalent to a dose of strychnine going through the political veins of the Yahudi body-politic from the Likud head to the AIPAC toe. The speech that he gave provided information and evidence implicating the Israelis in the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri, a previous prime minister of Lebanon and the father of the current prime minister Sa‘d al-Hariri. Rafiq al-Hariri, it is said, had Saudi Arabian citizenship. But we never heard the Saudis crying foul because the Israelis killed a person who carries their citizenship!

The Saudi dimwits are still watching a power-play between the Islamic Republic in Iran and its allies on one side and the Zionist regime occupying the Holy Land with its American ally on the other side. They think they are watching something like a sports event — until they wake up one morning with their oil fields on fire, their military bases bombed, their communication and transportation systems destroyed, their cities burning, and their population up in arms.

At that time, the game is over, and the Saudis and their Gulf-siblings are finished. As the Zionists and imperialists are about to light the match of Armageddon in and near the Makkah to al-Quds corridor, the submissive and subdued Muslims in America flock in and out of the imperialist temple in Washington, DC breaking the Ramadan bread with shayatin al-ins wa-al-jinn. “And thus it is that against every Prophet We have set up as enemies — in the flesh and incognito — who imply to one another glittering half-truths meant to delude the mind…” (6:112).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 7

Ramadan 22, 14312010-09-01

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