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Keyword: Balkan

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News & Analysis

Rise of Russia and the looming Balkan crisis

Umar Shahid

Safar 01, 14382016-11-01

While the rise of Russia is seen as a good sign to contain America’s belligerence, on the flip side, Moscow is courting the Serbs in Bosnia threatening the Muslim majority country in the Balkans.


Kosova: just another Western-dominated post-colonial Muslim nation-state


Safar 23, 14292008-03-01

On the face of it, Kosova’s declaration of independence from Serbia on February 17 should have been grounds for celebration across the Muslim world. The fact that, a few short years later, Kosova’s declaration of independence, and its recognition by much of the international community, should be greeted with so muted a response among Muslims requires some explanation. As for so much in the Balkans, the explanation lies in history, albeit recent.


Muslim workers and organizations in Balkans latest to be targeted by US

Helena Bestakova

Dhu al-Hijjah 03, 14222002-02-16

An American-style crackdown on Muslim activists and aid-workers throughout the Balkans has been under way since September 11. The Bosnian government’s surrender of six Algerians, suspected of having links with al-Qaeda...

Book Review

Fascinating journey into the Balkan labyrinth

Abul Fadl

Rabi' al-Thani 12, 14181997-08-16

The recent ethnic wars and crises that have ravaged the Balkans over the last few years are a reminder of the complexity of a region where past enmities and unsettled grievances, as well as thwarted national aspirations and traumas, retain their powerful presence, often hidden behind the artificial carapace and boundaries of the modern nation-State.

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