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Keyword: Abdulsalami Abubakar

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Nigeria’s openness excludes Muslim activists

Our Own Correspondent

Rajab 26, 14191998-11-16

When general Abdulsalam Abubakar took over as Nigerian head of State in June, following the sudden death of his predecessor general Sani Abacha, he promised to reform the country’s political system, re-introduce democracy, and ‘withdraw all charges against political offenders.’


Nigerian strongman to swap palace for barracks to rule by remote control

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

Rajab 11, 14191998-11-01

Nigeria’s president Abdulsalami Abubakar appears to have convinced doubters that he is indeed prepared to vacate Aso Rock, the presidential palace in the capital Abuja, as soon as a successor is elected on May 29, 1999 - a date the general insists is ‘sacrosanct.’

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