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Bani Saud, Emiratis fight each other in Yemen

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Ramadan 06, 14382017-06-01

The Bani Saud and the Emiratis may be allies in their war on Yemen but inside the war-ravaged country, they are backing different factions that are fighting and killing each other.

Daily News Analysis

Are the Bani Saud about to ditch Hadi?

Crescent International

Sha'ban 18, 14382017-05-15

As the Najdi Bedouins assemble their Arabian cousins and an assortment of Muslim rulers and dictators in Riyadh for a collective pledge of loyalty to the new master in the White House (aka Donald Trump), other news in the region appear to have fallen off the radar screen.


Bani Saud’s crusade

Zafar Bangash

Rajab 12, 14362015-05-01

A thousand years ago, the pope diverted the energies of warring princes in Europe against the Muslims in Palestine. In March the Bani Saud launched their aggression against Yemen. Like the Crusaders of old, the Bani Saud will also fail.

Daily News Analysis

Former Yemeni president chased to his Aden hideout

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 28, 14362015-03-19

You can run but you can't hide seems to be the message being delivered by one ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh to another, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Saudis forced Saleh to resign in February 2012; the Houthis drove Hadi from power last month and put him under house arrest in Sana'a. Hadi fled to Aden making it his temporary capital but trouble seems to have followed him there as today's attack on Aden Airport showed.

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