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Nwabisa Sigaba


News & Analysis

Israeli Apartheid, Palestinian Resistance

Nwabisa Sigaba

Safar 23, 14402018-11-01

There are striking parallels between Israeli and South African apartheids. The Palestinian resistance is also following the same pattern that their brethren in South Africa did many decades earlier.

Daily News Analysis

Occupied Palestine: A Personal Experience

Nwabisa Sigaba

Sha'ban 28, 14392018-05-14

As Palestinians commemorate NKBA (Catastrophe) that befell them 70 years when their land was stolen from them, dozens have been shot and killed by the Zionist occupation forces. Illegal Zionist squatters from Europe and North America storm the Holy precinct of Masjid al Aqsa. Palestinians are brutalized and humiliated on a daily basis. In this report, Nwabisa Sigaba of South Africa narrates her personal experiences of a visit to Occupied Palestine

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