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Mahmood T. Davari


The Political Thought of Ayatullah Murteza Mutahhari

Mahmood T. Davari

Dhu al-Qa'dah 20, 14252005-01-01

Murtaza Mutahhari was a significant figure in the movement that brought into being the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mutahhari, a particularly close student of Ayatullah Khomeini, is considered one of the most prominent intellectual figures among Iranian and Shi‘ite scholars of his time. This book presents the life and works of this philosopher, jurist, preacher and writer, who was educated in the Qum Seminary and worked in Tehran. It describes how Mutahhari became familiar with Marxism and secularism, and how he responded to the challenge of these two movements. It demonstrates how he gradually represented himself as a major theorist, offering ideological analyses of Islam. The book highlights Mutahhari’s non-radical, non-violent way of action. Drawing upon firsthand reports, notes and interviews with Mutahhari’s family and friends, the author highlights less-documented parts of the political trends in contemporary Iranian society.


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