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Javad Sharbaf


Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine

Arzu Merali, Javad Sharbaf

Muharram 04, 14302009-01-01

In June 2005, the Islamic Human Rights Commission and NEDA convened a conference of academics, theologians and practitioners entitled ‘Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine’ the papers submitted for which form the content of this book. The conference was intended to be the first in a series of events and books exploring the relationship between the practical experiences of those living through events in various world flashpoints, their faith affiliations and aspirations and the possibilities of effecting justice through their goals rather than the imposition of ‘peace’ at any price and without any relevance to those it would most affect. Put more simply, this is an exercise in realizing the potential that religion has in resolving conflicts that have been irresolvable through secular initiatives.


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