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Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hamid Ghurab


Subverting Islam - The Role of Orientalist Centres

Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hamid Ghurab

Rabi' al-Awwal 16, 14171996-08-01

Dr Ahmad Ghorab is to be commended for his fine book, Subverting Islam: The Role of Orientalist Centres. His courage and forthright honesty is an inspiration for concerned Muslims in search of the truth. He has succeeded in identifying an important front in the current Euro-American crusade against the Islamic movement: the formation of an anti-Muslim network of institutions and scholars marching under the banner of `Islamic Studies'.

Occasional Paper

Khutba al-Wida’- An interpretation

Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hamid Ghurab

Rajab 21, 14061986-01-01

In an historical perspective, the Hajjat al-Wida', or Farewell Pilgrimage, should be seen not as an isolated event in the life of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, but as a climax of a long historical process. The climax is expressed in the Qur'an as ‘perfection' of the Muslim Ummah through deen (the perfect way of life).

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