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Zionists shoot themselves in the foot by taking down Jeremy Corbyn

Crescent International

While the world is fixated on the US presidential selection theatrics, political developments in the UK have fallen under the radar.

At the end of October, the British Labour Party suspended Jeremy Corbyn, its former leader, accusing him of ‘antisemitism’.

According to the official narrative, Corbyn’s suspension was legitimized through a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) which claimed that under his leadership the party had become “institutionally antisemitic.”

According to the Middle East Eye (MEE), Corbyn accepted some of the recommendations of the EHRC but dismissed the anti-Semitism narrative as greatly exaggerated.

When Corbyn was elected Labour Party leader, Andrew McFadyen, the program editor for the Qatari news channel Al Jazeera, described him as “everything that a modern professional politician shouldn’t be: crumpled, scruffy and principled.”

Corbyn’s suspension is not only a manifestation of elitism and complete lack of ethics in higher echelons of British politics, but a clear warning to Western politicians to not adopt an anti-Israeli stance.

In 2017, Al-Jazeera aired a documentary exposing attempts by the Israeli embassy in London to influence British politics.

The documentary discussed the Zionists’ secret efforts to undermine the election of the student body, the National Union of Students (NUS) for president.

In the same documentary employee of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Shai Masot clearly stated he was orchestrating a takedown of anti-Zionist politicians in the US.

This admission was largely ignored by the Western media and the British political establishment.

While the Zionists may celebrate Corbyn’s suspension as another victory for their global political machinations, the long-term result will not be favorable.

Corbyn’s suspension is making it clear to principled Western politicians that for meaningful reform of their political systems, they will have to take on the Zionist lobby.

The anti-Corbyn campaign shows that internal clean up of flaws within Western political systems will now become synonymous with anti-Zionism.

While there is an ideological and dogmatic distaste for most things leftist in North America, especially the US, Israel might find it easy to smear and battle the rising leftist spectrum of politics in North America.

In Europe, leftist politics has a far broader appeal and Corbyn is an influential politician throughout the European left.

By smearing and pursuing the political assassination of Corbyn, the Zionist lobby is turning the entire leftist political spectrum against itself.

David Hearst, Editor in Chief of MEE, has also pointed to this phenomenon.

He highlights the fact that Corbyn’s suspension is going to split the British Labour Party even further.

Support for Palestine in Britain and inside the Labour Party is far greater than many establishment figures are prepared to admit.

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