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Occupied Arab World

Zionists perpetrate more sacrilegious acts as Arab rulers sue for peace

Khalil Marwan

There appears no limit to the crimes perpetrated by the Zionists against Palestinians and indeed against Muslims worldwide on a daily basis. The latest is so mind-boggling that it defies description and cannot be repeated in these columns.

A poster depicting the noble Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, in the most insulting manner, was pasted on some 20 storefronts in Hebron on June 27. The perpetrator of this latest outrage, Tatyana Susskin, a 26-year-old jobless woman with no family, has now been taken into custody. She and her boyfriend, Yehuda Shomron, belong to the Kach movement of the Brooklyn-born terrorist rabbi, Meir Kahane, who was shot dead in 1990.

The posters provoked strong protests from Muslims especially in Hebron and Nablus. More than 50,000 people responded to a call by Hamas, the Islamic group, to join a rally in Nablus on July 4. In characteristic fashion, the Israeli army responded with live ammunition killing or wounding scores of Palestinians. Protests have spread to Ghazzah as well where a 16-year-old youth, Maher Al-Assar, was shot in the chest and killed by Israeli soldiers near the Gush Qatif Zionist settlement on July 2.

Far from showing any consideration for the great anguish caused to Muslims globally, the Zionist army is determined to crush all protests with brute force. In Hebron, they have taken up positions on rooftops to shoot and kill Palestinians as they march in the streets. Heavily-armed zionist settlers - most of them recent immigrants from the US or Russia - shout their insults, protected by soldiers. At the time of going to press, more than 100 Palestinians had been wounded and two killed in firing by Israeli troops.

The latest Zionist outrage has evoked rare unanimity in the Muslim world. The Shaikh of Al-Azhar, Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, said on July 1, ‘Any one who is proved to have drawn this ugly picture of the Prophet of Islam... should be killed according to Islamic law.’ Ayatullah Muhammad Yazdi, head of Iran’s judiciary, said in his Friday sermon in Tehran on July 4, that the zionist entity that perpetrates such sacrilegious acts must be annihilated. He called for practical action saying that the zionists do not understand words.

Protest rallies were also held in other parts of the world. For instance, Muslims in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, took out a procession after Friday prayers on July 4.

What kind of a sick mind would produce such posters? Israel is full of sick people who do not consider the Palestinians as human. Nahum Kurman, a zionist settler, who smashed the head of 11-year-old Hilmi Shousha last October, was released on bail on June 30. While looking for stone-throwing youths, Kurman came across Shousha walking home (he had nothing to do with the stone-throwers) to his West Bank village of Husan. The armed Zionist settler grabbed the little boy, kicked him to the ground and placing his boot over his neck, smashed his head with the rifle butt.

Last November, an Israeli court sentenced four zionist soldiers one agora each, the smallest Israeli coin (less than half a cent), for shooting dead Iyadh Mahmoud Awad Badran. He was a passenger in a car near the village of Salfit on the West Bank when the soldiers opened fire without provocation.

Israeli courts, including the supreme court, have authorised Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security agency, to torture Palestinians to extract information or confession. Khalil Abu Daiyya was the latest victim of Zionist torture. He died on May 21, 1997 after undergoing five days of torture at the notorious Russian Compound in Jerusalem. Ibrahim el-Hazem, a computer engineer, was tortured to death two years ago in the same compound.

Theoretically, Shin Bet must get cabinet approval every three months. This has not been denied even once since torture was officially sanctioned in 1987 despite numerous deaths as a consequence.

To this must be added another Israeli policy of decimating the Palestinian population. Last January, the Israeli Hebrew daily, Yediot Ahronot, revealed that 305 Palestinian children had been contaminated with AIDS-infected blood over a period of several years. The story was then picked up by two Egyptian dailies, Al-Ahram, and Rose El-Yousef, on January 22.

The Yediot Ahronot report said that ‘that cases have been registered for 305 Palestinian children infected with the AIDS virus during different stages of their treatment for regular illnesses, in hospitals supervised by Israeli authorities.’ The children are from towns in the West Bank and Ghazzah.

The fact that this had been going on for years indicates that it was not a rogue operation carried out by some racist doctors or soldiers. While there is no dirth of such people in the zionist State, the infection of Palestinian children with the AIDS virus appears part of a deliberate policy sanctioned at the highest level.

The Israeli government is concerned about what it refers to as the demographic problem of the Palestinians. The birth rate of Palestinians is much higher than that of the Jews. Despite a massive influx of Jews from Russia, eastern Europe and North Amrica, their population cannot match the natural growth of the Palestinians. Zionist leaders have fretted over this for years. In the mid-eighties, Mervon Benvinisti, a former mayor of Jerusalem, and considered an ‘authority’ on the West Bank demographics, had alluded to the Palestinian ‘time-bomb’.

The zionist rabbi Kahane, who was shot and killed in New York in 1990, had demanded the expulsion of all Palestinians from the West Bank and Ghazzah. Even though many Zionist leaders agreed with this, they could not carry it out because it was impractical.

Perhaps, Kahane’s soul-mates have now found the perfect ‘final solution’ for Palestinians: mass extermination through AIDS for which there is no cure. In a society where AIDS is virtually unknown because of Islam’s prohibition on sex outside of marriage and on homosexual behaviour, the disease would have gone unnoticed for years. This would have led to other members of the family being infected by coming into contact with infected children.

This diabilocal Zionist plot may have continued but for the revelation of an Israeli newspaper. Yediot Ahronot also mentioned that Israeli lawyers refused to take up cases on behalf of the Palestinian children saying that the ‘peace agreement’ signed by the Palestinians and Israelis forbids lawsuits against the government of Israel for crimes committed during its period of occupation of the West Bank and Ghazzah.

Equally diabolical Israeli plots are coming into the open about AIDS-infected Israeli prostitutes disguised as tourists who have been let loose in Cairo and other Arab cities. While the Egyptian people categorically reject the so-called Egypt-Israel peace treaty, the Zionist plot to contaminate their population with such poisonous practices truly reflects their sick mentality.

The slogan, ‘Israel is the cancer of the Middle East’ applies to the Zionist entity in more ways than one.

Muslimedia - July 16-31, 1997

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 10

Rabi' al-Awwal 11, 14181997-07-16

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