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Zionist regime bans Dr Mads Gilbert from Gaza

Crescent International

Dr Mads Gilbert at the Shifa Hospital in besieged Gaza Strip. He has dedicated his life to treating the badly injured Palestinians, many of them children, victims of the Zionist killing machine. Dr Gilbert has been banned from entering Gaza by the Zionist occupiers of Palestine citing “security reasons.” Whose security, one wonders!

Gaza City, Crescent-online
Friday November 14, 2014, 08:27 EST

Dr Mads Gilbert of Norway represents the best of the medical profession. The internationally renowned doctor has risked his own life to help the people of Gaza under Israeli siege.

The Zionist regime that claims it does not control Gaza has just imposed a lifetime ban on Dr Gilbert from entering the tiny enclave.

The announcement was made yesterday (November 13) citing “security reasons” in response to an explanation demanded by the Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv questioning why the Zionist regime had refused Dr Gilbert entry to Gaza in October.

During each and every one of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza—December 2008-January 2009, November 2012 and July-August 2014, Dr Gilbert has been in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital treating the thousands of injured Palestinians.

He has become a symbol of hope for the Palestinians. Often he worked 24 or even 36 hours straight giving the best of what he could to the traumatized people of Gaza.

During the recent Zionist onslaught on Gaza, Dr Gilbert wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama inviting him to come and spend one night at Shifa Hospital. He said it would change not only Obama’s mind but also world history.

Crescent International had also received a copy of the letter.

In 2010, Dr Gilbert visited North America speaking to university students as well as other peace and anti-war groups. He also visited Toronto where Crescent International interviewed him for its television program, Muslim Perspectives.

Norway’s Secretary of State Bård Glad Pedersen has called on Tel Aviv to change its decision. He told the Zionist regime “the humanitarian situation in Gaza is still difficult and there is a need for all health workers.”

Dr Gilbert has been a staunch critic of Israeli crimes in Gaza and he believes the lifetime ban is connected to this.

Many international television networks have interviewed Dr Gilbert during Israeli attacks on Gaza and he has spoken out clearly and forcefully about Zionist crimes.

At a summit on Gaza in September, Dr Gilbert said Israeli forces intentionally killed Palestinian children and youths during the July-August 2014 military offensive against the impoverished Palestinian territory.

Both the UN Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International have confirmed these charges in their own independent investigations into Israeli attack on Gaza.

Even the normally cautious UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was forced to appoint a five-member commission on November 10 to investigate Israeli crimes in Gaza. In particular, the commission will investigate Israel’s targeting of UN buildings where civilians were sheltering, killing scores of them.

Dr Gilbert has said that Israel attacks Gaza with impunity killing innocent civilians. It has also used depleted uranium shells, according to the Norwegian doctor.

During a speech after his return from Gaza last September, Dr Gilbert compared the resistance of the Palestinians to that of Norway’s own resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II.

He asked his audience, if they are proud of the resistance against Nazi occupation and applaud it, why should there be any hesitation about supporting the Palestinians resistance against Zionist occupiers?


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