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Zionist Israel admits to deep involvement in Syria

Crescent International

How deeply is Zionist Israel involved in instigating, arming and supporting the terrorists in Syria? One only has to hear it from the horse's mouth so to speak and read it in Israeli newspapers. Even Israeli Channel 2 has reported the Zionists' deep involvement in undermining Syria.

Sunday May 29, 2016, 22:13 DST

Zionist Israel’s involvement in supporting the war on Syria has often been reported in alternate media sources. Now Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Ayoub Kara has admitted that he paid a clandestine visit to Aleppo, Syria's largest city and commercial capital, to meet foreign-backed takfiri terrorists that control parts of the devastated city.

Kara, of Israeli-Druze origins, is member of the Knesset for the Nazi-Likud Party, did not say when the visit took place, saying: “I won't get into it," the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

Kara’s visit was not the first. Last February 14 (2016), the Jerusalem Post reported that Syrian opposition leader Kamal al-Labwani had met Kara and other Knesset members seeking Zionist help for the war on Syria.

Zionist Israel has been treating terrorists wounded in fighting by taking them to Israeli hospitals. Last year, Israel’s Channel 2 showed Benjamin Netanyahu visiting wounded terrorists receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital.

The TV Channel also reported that more than 2,100 wounded militants have been quietly transferred to the occupied Golan Heights or even the West Bank for treatment since 2011. And last December, the British daily, Daily Mail carried a similar story saying Israel had saved thousands of terrorists.

Medical treatment is not the only help the Zionists are providing. Together with Turkey and the Najdi Bedouins in Saudi Arabia, Zionist Israel is also supplying weapons to the terrorists. Late last month, Syrian officials and locals confiscated a vehicle loaded with Israeli-manufactured weapons in the southern province of Suwayda.

The vehicle was traveling from Dera‘a near the Jordanian border to the desert region of Badiya, according to a report in the Syrian news agency SANA, quoting a Syrian military official late last month.

It should now be clear that the war on Syria is not an internal uprising but a deep conspiracy involving the Zionists, their regional allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the US to destroy Syria. The overall aim is to undermine the resistance front to Zionist Israel.


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