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Syria shoots down Israeli F-16 warplane

Crescent International

Saturday February 10, 2018

In a major development in the region, the Syrian air defence shot down one, and possibly two Israeli F-16 fighter jets that were involved in terrorist attacks against Syria.

One of the Israeli jets fell in Zionist occupied Golan Heights and the pilot was reportedly critically injured.

This is a major shift in the confrontation between the Zionist regime and Syria. In the past, with Syria involved in fighting takfiri terrorists (it is still fighting them in north-western Syria), it was unable to respond to Zionist aggression.

The Zionist regime’s US-supplied warplanes had carried out attacks on Damascus on February 4 and then on February 6. The fact that the Syrian air defences did not retaliate against such acts of aggression that constitute war crimes, the Zionists thought they could continue with acts of aggression.

No more, it seems. Zionist Israel has got a bloody nose in its acts of aggression against Syria.

The Islamic resistance movement Hizbullah that is an important component of the resistance front strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s continued acts of aggression against Syria’s military and civilian structures.

It described the downing of the Israeli F-16 jet by the Syrian air defense system as the “start of a new strategic phase” which would limit Israeli violations of the Syrian airspace.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, Hizbullah praised “the vigilance of the Syrian army and its valiant response to shoot down the hostile Israeli aircraft.”

“Today’s developments mean the old equations have categorically ended,” Hizbullah’s statement noted, adding that the Lebanese resistance movement firmly and strongly supports the Syrian people in defending their land, sovereignty and legitimate rights.

According to a Syrian military official, the Zionist aircraft had targeted a Syrian army base in the central region of the country, and that more than one Israeli warplane had been shot down.

A pro-government military alliance in Syria said in a statement that Israel would see a severe and serious response to its “terrorism” from now on.

The Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement supporting Syria’s right to protect its airspace, sovereignty and territorial integrity and condemned the Zionist regime’s acts of terrorism against its Syrian ally.

In another development, a senior official of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, said the movement and the Palestinian people stand by Syria in the face of Israel’s latest act of aggression.

“We commend the Syrian response to the Israeli aggression. We affirm that Palestine stands by Syria in the face of this hostile move,” Ismail Radwan said in an exclusive interview with Arabic-language Quds Press International News Agency on Saturday.

He also condemned Zionist attacks on Syria, stressing that Damascus had the right to self-defense against Israeli acts of aggression.

Radwan then called on the Hamas leadership, Arab countries and all Palestinians to join forces and confront “the imminent danger posed by the Zionist regime.”

Hamas official’s statement is also a very significant development since relations between the Palestinian resistance movement and Syria had deteriorated considerably during the foreign-instigated terrorist acts against Syria.

The takfiri terrorists have been defeated in Syria and Iraq and hopefully those terrible days are over.

All members of the resistance front need to overcome their differences and join hands against their common enemies—imperialism, Zionism, takfirism and Wahhabism.

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