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Zionist barbarities against Palestinians


At a time when the wars on Syria and to a lesser extent on Yemen have dominated media headlines, the Palestinians’ suffering has fallen off the radar screen. They continue to suffer even if the media would not report it.

Palestinian suffering has never received the kind of attention it deserves. This is because the Zionist State is the West’s favorite entity and its crimes are either not reported or minimized. This has become even more pronounced since the war on Syria went into high gear.

Lack of attention to Palestinians’ plight does not mean their suffering has ended. The gun-toting Zionists continue to kill Palestinians as if this is their life’s mission. In recent weeks, Zionist atrocities against Palestinians have escalated. Not only are they shot and killed, even dogs are set upon them, especially on young children. One can imagine the fear these young children must endure.

They are terrorized by dogs, dragged from their homes and thrown in Israeli prisons. Hundreds languish in the Zionist dungeons for prolonged periods. Subjecting children to such punishment is barbaric.

Even the Nazis, the worst war criminals of the last century, were not known to have done this to the Jews during the Second World War. The Zionists have surpassed the Nazis in this respect and still continue to receive limitless support from the Americans and other Western regimes.

Zionist crimes must be exposed so that the world becomes better aware of the true nature of this evil ideology. The internet has made it possible to expose Zionist crimes to some degree. More needs to be done and on a constant basis, for the sake of the Palestinians and of humanity.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 11

Safar 19, 14372016-01-01

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