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Will 2021 be Any Different Than 2020?


It is pretty safe to assume that the year 2021 will bring little relief to the vast majority of people in the world. If the year 2020 was disastrous, the next one will be little better. True, Donald Trump will—hopefully—be gone in a few weeks but apart from nuances, it would be unrealistic to expect any major policy changes in the US.

There are, however, certain discernable trends that can help us determine what changes we might expect in the coming year. We make no claims, big or small, to knowing the future. We base our analysis on reading the situation carefully to see what can be expected. Below we offer our perspective.

Saudi Arabia: With his godfather (Trump) out of power, Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) may find himself in difficulty. Trouble seems to be brewing in the medieval kingdom just below the surface. So far, he has clamped down hard on every potential challenger imprisoning and torturing them but this policy may not be sustainable. America’s deep state has made little secret of its disdain for MbS. Their man in Riyadh is Muhammad bin Nayef (MbN), currently languishing in jail where he has been tortured and brutalized.

There is also the possibility that MbS might be bumped off to make way for MbN, the CIA’s favorite prince. King Salman is quite old and suffers from Alzheimers. He could go to his grave any day. Should that happen before MbS declares himself king, he would be in big trouble. Even grabbing the throne would afford him little protection unless he hides in the palace all the time. Other, more senior members will certainly mount a challenge, emboldened by Trump’s departure and Biden’s disdain for MbS.

Overall, the situation does not look promising for MbS. True, he might get the Israelis to protect him but they will exact a heavy price. Besides, the presence of Israeli forces in Saudi Arabia would not go down well in the Muslim world. Relations between MbS and the Zionists may be close but each uses the other for their own benefit. In this transaction, MbS cannot win because he is not very smart. The Zionists can play him along. MbS’ future does not look promising but his successor may not be any better either.

Zionist Israel: Since we are on the subject of Saudi Arabia/MbS, we might as well look at the Zionist entity. It is the most disruptive force in the region and the source of almost all its problems. Throughout the year 2020 and earlier, it played rough and dirty, intensifying the oppression of Palestinians both in Gaza and the West Bank. It has also carried out acts of aggression in Syria and only a few weeks ago (November 27), through its local agents, assassinated Iran’s top scientist, Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadah.

It will not change its atrocious conduct and continue to indulge in war crimes. Given their past behavior, the Zionists are likely to continue attacks against Syria as well as the besieged Gaza Strip. They may even provoke a war with Hizbullah in Lebanon although given their defeat in the summer of 2006, the Zionists will think carefully before initiating any such conflict. Similarly, more terrorist acts against Iran’s scientists cannot be ruled out. The Islamic Republic must improve its security arrangements and exact revenge for Zionist crimes.

Afghanistan: While ‘peace talks’ between the Taliban and Afghan government representatives have made little headway, it appears likely that the Taliban might be able to take control in much of the country, even if not Kabul itself. It is also quite likely that disparate Afghan groups might strike their own deals with the Taliban leaving the US-backed and installed puppet Ashraf Ghani completely isolated.

Even if the Taliban were to take control, there appears little likelihood of peace in Afghanistan in the near future. Various groups will continue to act provocatively in an attempt to maximize their share of the spoils. While the US may reduce the number of troops, it will keep some residual forces in the country. Their role will be intelligence gathering. They would also play various factions against one another keeping the country in turmoil. That would also continue to create problems for Afghanistan’s neighbours, primarily Iran, Russia, China and Pakistan.

India and Occupied Kashmir: Even with its economy tanking, the Hindu Nazis ruling India today are likely to continue on the path of aggression against neighbors as well as oppression and persecution at home. Muslims, Dalits and other minorities will continue to suffer in the world’s largest toilet bowl.

In Indian occupied Kashmir, life will become even more difficult for the people. With its policy of aggressive demographic change, India is pursuing the same path the Zionists have pursued in Occupied Palestine: ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population and settlement of its own people. The plan is that if there is a referendum in Kashmir, India would have changed the demography in such a way as to secure a favorable outcome.

What might disrupt this diabolical Indian policy would be if the arrogant Hindu Nazis provoke a war with China. Beijing is reluctant to indulge in armed conflict realizing this would disrupt its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) but the Hindu Nazis are playing the US game of provocation. They will only desist if they get a bloody nose. That might just be the dose they need.

America, the has-been superpower: In almost every military conflict the US has been involved in the last 20 years, it has lost. The US military does not wage wars to win; they are meant to keep other countries unstable and to continue to use weapons so that more resources can be allocated to manufacture new ones. America’s wars are a huge racket.

The pandemic, however, has badly affected the US economy as well as exposed deep fissures internally. Even with Joe Biden, an experienced insider taking the reins of power, internal divisions will be difficult to heal anytime soon.

The announcement of a vaccine for the pandemic still leaves many unanswered questions: its effectiveness and side effects. They are yet to be fully tested. There is also a large number of people that views the pandemic as a manufactured crisis to enrich the pharmaceutical companies as well as people like Bill Gates and Dr Anthony Fauci, the infectious diseases specialist.

Overall, America is in crisis and is likely to be engrossed in internal problems to have much time for external mischief.

One final point. There may erupt some unforeseen crisis like the pandemic did early last year that would change normal patterns of behavior and any projections based on reading them will go out the window.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 11

Jumada' al-Ula' 17, 14422021-01-01

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