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Who was Feltman representing in Tehran?

Crescent International

Jeffrey Feltman has never hidden his true intentions: like all hardcore zionists, he represents the interests of the zionist state of Israel. Previously, he used his post in the US State Department as cover to advance the Israeli agenda; now he is using the UN hat. He cannot, however, hide his spots.


August 27, 2013, 09:37 EDT

Jeffrey Feltman, the hardcore Zionist and former US ambassador to Lebanon, was in Tehran yesterday. Feltman wears the hat of political advisor to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon and it was in this capacity that he visited Tehran to meet Iran’s Foreign Minister Dr Javad Zarif.

The former US assistant secretary of State is better known as a staunch supporter of the Zionist state and works, like all Zionists, to advance its agenda. Feltman was in Tehran to discuss the regional situation, in particular the West’s proxy war on Syria. He knows a lot about this war. It was Feltman together with fellow Zionist Dan Shapiro (US ambassador to Israel) and Bandar bin Sultan (Saudi Intelligence chief and the Arab world’s principal troublemaker) that had conspired to launch the war in Syria that has resulted in so much bloodshed and chaos.

That war, despite two and a half years’ of mayhem, has not resulted in the overthrow of the Bashar al-Asad’s government as the terrible trio had hoped. The US, it appears is about to launch, together with its European allies Britain and France, the next phase of its war: a direct military attack on Syria.

It was this message that Feltman, the American Zionist, had come to deliver to Tehran couched in diplomatic language. He talked about Iran’s role in the Geneva II peace conference on Syria. While wearing the UN hat but in reality representing the US and Israel, he told his Iranian hosts that Iran can play an important role in ending the crisis in Syria.

But first, Feltman said, there had to be a “restoration of balance of power in Syria”. This was code for an attack on Syria to degrade Syrian military strength because in recent weeks, Syrian government forces have scored a number of important victories against Western/Arab backed rebels. The American Zionist then brought up the subject of the use of chemical weapons.

The Iranian side replied that they were 100% sure it was not the Syrian government that had used these weapons. There was physical proof as well as logical arguments to refute the allegations against the Syrian government. There are satellite images that prove Asad had nothing to do with this crime. To show his goodwill, Asad has allowed the UN inspectors access to the site to investigate the claims and give its verdict.

Feltman appeared not to be listening. His mission, theoretically on behalf of the UN but in reality representing US-Israeli interests, was to convince Iran to understand that Syria’s military degradation was necessary and that Tehran should stay calm.

The Iranians were equally diplomatic but firm. They told him: “Mr. Feltman if you’re serious about the success of Geneva II, you must visit Damascus and talk to Syrian officials.”

Feltman is a dangerous man and Iranian officials would be well advised, not that they need any advice because they are very sophisticated, to deal with him with extreme caution. He has never hidden his extreme hostility to the Islamic Republic representing as he does US-zionist interests. This was most clearly evident when he was US ambassador to Lebanon.


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