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When the fox preaches, look to your geese

Abu Dharr

First we had the shock and upheaval of September 11, 2001 (9/11), with all its hype and hyper hoopla, followed by all sorts of “terrorist” tremors in Madrid, London, Egypt, Mumbai, etc. And now we have the Friday-the-13th bloody rampage in Paris; if we are smart enough to learn from past experience there will be terrorist aftershocks wherever the handlers of this phenomenon deem necessary for their national interests. The media masters of deception have indeed turned people into sheep. Everyone who is plugged into the carefully electrifying circuit of (mainstream) information is pretty much convinced that the terrorists are emblematic of Islam.

For these types of mainstream consumers of junk information, the master plan of these full-blown terror eruptions is deemed sensitive and highly classified information by the sheep-herders who will not permit a logical voice of dissent to comment on this whole matter in their corporate-owned media. Let us break away for a moment from the mass media mumbo-jumbo and look at this issue from another perspective.

The American 9/11 and the French Friday the 13th are (among other incitations of the same nature) a nasty business to change the world’s mental approach to an up and coming Islam of justice and equality. These dramatic detonations of terror are evocatively meant to drastically change the public mind, beliefs, and behavior by igniting inflammatory emotions against Muslims and Islam. The 24-hour news coverage and “analyses” are intended to break down the appealing, popular, and curious public attitude toward a yet unknown Islam, which is in need of a public image consistent with what it represents. The explosions, bombings, and shootings that are being gratuitously tied to Islam are planned — for one thing — to break down the Muslims’ self-image. In some instances this will result in a type of identity crisis for certain Muslims! This identity crisis thrives on an “Islamic” past that has been hijacked by petro-Arabians and their networks of Islamic centers around the world who have nothing to offer their congregations except Wahhabi hate and salafi cynicism. At this juncture the Wahhabi chosen people suppose that they will be able to substitute an old ignorance of Islam with a new ignorance of Islam!

Look at the past three decades or so of Islamic self-determination, beginning with the successful Islamic consolidation of the popular will in Iran. The measured movement forward by the Islamic leadership in Iran could not be tempted, by the macro-engineers of 9/11 and its current Parisian European aftershocks, into extremism through hot wars and cold wars. Islamic Iran stands out for its calculated strategy and remarkable efforts and plans to concentrate the Muslims of the world on the liberation of al-Quds and Palestine. So the international political master masons have tapped their ultimate and final asset: salafi Saudi Arabia for “Islamic thought reform” or “religious reprogramming.” This explains why the Saudi-sponsored madrasahs mushroomed all over the map during the same time period that Islamic Iran was laboriously working its way toward an independence that the Saudi princely class could only dream of.

Trashing all the manipulative media misconceptions about “Islam and terrorism” the real and substantial terrorists are the Zionist occupiers of the Holy Land — Zionists who are and have been politically sheltered, economically rewarded, and militarily armed by their American sponsor and European supporters. Official Euro-American political instinct and historical conscience has never reconciled itself to Islamic self-determination. This Euro-American umbrella for Zionism is deploying the last asset in its arsenal: Saudi-financed and Wahhabi-educated anarchists to blow up Islam from within.

The US, as heir to not-so-Great Britain in its bootlicking of the Zionist master race, has failed to maintain its soft power. So it has reverted to drones in the air, fleets in the sea, and boots on the ground. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Qatar and others have become its military bases. Israel is the headquarters of these military bases. To eclipse the mega-terror institutionalized by the Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist System (ISIS) we are brainwashed into believing that their creation of al-Qaeda, Taliban, Da‘ish, Boko Haram, al-Murabitun, and a host of other Wahhabi hatchlings are a threat to civil society and civilization itself! The primary benefactors and principal winners of these freelance nihilists are the Zionist terrorists and their political worshipers in Washington, London, and Paris.

There was no need for “Islamic terrorists” to bring down anti-imperialist regimes in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt. What is called the “Arab Spring,” which should be renamed the Saudi Spring, was a clever maneuver to ride the wave of Saudi compatible “Islamic movements” to rid the contiguous sphere of danger around occupied Palestine of hard-to-harness rulers like the “Libyan madman” or the “Iraqi flunky.” The first failed to make any inroads into Islamic Iran peacefully and the second failed to bring down the Islamic Republic violently.

The hardest nut to crack in this Sykes-Picot political arrangement turns out to be Syria. And it is not the nationalist jargon of the Syrian Ba‘th party that worries the Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist Shayatin (ISIS); it is not the bought-and-sold members of the Ba‘th party who worry the master ISISists; it is the Syrian alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran that has the American Shaytani System of Israel and Saudi (ASS-IS) throwing into this clash all that they have from fighter bombers and drones to Da‘ishis and dummies.

One would have to have a neanderthal IQ to believe that individuals hiding in the caves of Tora Bora or refugees on the run — sometimes drowning in the Mediterranean and other times corralled into European geographical enclaves — would terrorize the very same people they are hoping will provide for them! Not knowing what tomorrow will bring and anticipating some type of humanitarian accommodations as they trek with their babies and families into the unknown, these people would be hard pressed to bite the hand that could potentially feed them.

The Saudi Zionist-compatible regime miscalculated big time. It thought it would channel the fury of its “Arab Spring” to eventually bring down the regime in Damascus in a few months, max! It has been a few long years for the Saudis and there is no light at the end of the tunnel they have dug for themselves.

Let us wind down this moment of thinking outside the box by asking: who do you think relishes this loss of life in Syria? Isn’t it the Israeli warmongers? Why is it that almost every time the Syrian issue is brought up the Palestinian issue falls away? Why can’t we have intelligent minds discussing the Syrian issue in the context of the Palestinian issue? Why is it necessary to argue about the Syrian civil war and dismiss the world war against the Palestinians? Why were the Paris bombings timed to coincide with the stepped up terrorism of the Israeli war machine against the Palestinian populations in the West Bank and in Palestine proper? Was world public opinion distracted from the creeping Israeli expropriation of al-Masjid al-Aqsa and the Israeli outlawing of the Islamic Movement of Shaykh Ra’id Salah by the 9/11 of Paris? Why have the Wahhabi indoctrinated purveyors of hate and the Saudi financed executors of terror gone on a spree of killings and massacres in Europe and Africa as this article is being written (and who knows where else they will be running amok when this article is being read)? Is it coincidental that the behind-the-scenes Saudi-Israeli contacts and off-the-record trysts have given us this worldwide anti-Islamic propaganda, which is meant to justify further Zionist dispossession of Palestinians and further Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist pressure on Syria to break away from Islamic Iran?

The Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist axis wants a civil war to the north of occupied Palestine to — in their calculation — sap the future energy that will come from a concerted military effort to tear down Zionism, take apart Israel, and save the Jews and Arabs from a Zionist-historical-military guilty conscience that never thinks itself safe. Little do they know that their apparent destruction of Syria and Iraq is the first step in the reconstruction of Palestine and Arabia,

Rather, they are bent on falsifying everything the wisdom whereof they do not comprehend, and as yet its [undisclosed] meaning has not manifested itself. Such did their predecessors distort the truth: and behold what happened to those offenders! (10:39).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 10

Safar 19, 14372015-12-01

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