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Unable to defeat them in elections, military, henchmen ban the Ikhwan

Crescent International

Egypt's military-installed regime and the military itself, are going after the Ikhwan al-Muslimoon with a sledgehammer. The organization has been banned by declaring it a “terrorist” group. Not only its leaders and members but anyone raising their voice in support are being hauled to prison. Many charities dependent on donations from the Ikhwan have closed down. The so-called liberals have applauded the ban.

Cairo, Crescent-online
December 26, 2013, 16:07 EST

Two groups of sore losers—the Egyptian military and its civilian henchmen—unable to banish the Ikhwan al-Muslimoon at the ballot box have decided to ban the movement by declaring it a “terrorist” organization.

Who is terrorizing whom is apparent from the fact that almost all top leaders of the Ikhwan have been imprisoned facing outrageous charges. At least 23 people were arrested across Egypt accused of supporting a “terrorist” organization. Their “crime” was to distribute leaflets protesting the ban.

There was also a bomb explosion on a Cairo bus today that injured five people. Who was behind this latest attack? The military and the regime it backs would naturally blame the Ikhwan without offering any proof.

The military had cracked down hard last August using guns to murder thousands of unarmed civilians when they camped in the open to protest the illegal ouster of the elected president Mohamed Mursi in July.

On Wednesday (December 25) the military-installed regime in Egypt declared the Ikhwan a “terrorist organization.” The military’s hangers-on that go by such labels as “liberals” and “secularists” welcomed the announcement. Perhaps, it was a nice Christmas gift for them!

The military-installed regime blamed the Ikhwan for Tuesday’s bombing in Mansoura in which 16 people were killed. The Ikhwan denied involvement and demanded an impartial inquiry to find the culprits. The group also called for exemplary punishment for those responsible.

The Sinai-based jihadist group Ansar Beit Al-Maqadis on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the Mansoura attack. The Ikhwan have no links to the group.

The puppet Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi had already said a day before the Manoura bombing that the Ikhwan would be declared a terrorist organization.

Was the Manoura bombing a false flag operation to provide justification for banning the Ikhwan? The Egyptian military has been known to indulge in black ops in order to carry out is nefarious agenda.

The Egyptian military, like most of its counterparts in other parts of the Muslim world, has never won a battle against the external enemy. Their only achievement is to conquer their own people regularly.

Additionally, like almost all other militaries, the Egyptian military is also a business enterprise. It controls nearly 40 percent of Egypt’s economy. Generals own factories, hotels and huge tracts of land.

The Egyptian criminal syndicate is also closely linked with the military since they are beneficiaries of the corrupt system.

The Ikhwan al-Muslimoon is being targeted because the movement is seen as a threat to the privileges of the military and its henchmen.

Banning the movement is not going to solve Egypt’s problems. It will only make them worse.


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