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Week In Review

UAE spearheading normalization of Israeli occupation

As reported by the Middle East Eye (MEE), Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), both involved in providing military equipment to Zionist occupation forces, will cooperate with the United Arab Emirates' Group 42 (G42) to research and develop equipment and solutions to tackle the coronavirus.

According to MEE, G42 has previously been “linked with DarkMatter, a shadowy UAE tech company whose hacking unit targeted Emirati activists around the world.”

In July 2019, Israeli Foreign Minister attended an international climate summit in Abu Dhabi.

UAE’s efforts to normalize and legitimize the Zionist occupation of Palestine are not accidental.

For decades the Sheikhdom has been spearheading the secularization of Islam and Muslim societies, a role allocated to it by Western powers, in exchange for being part of the global profiteering economic system.

UAE’s autocratic system utilizes Muslim scholars and motivational speakers to present itself as a role model of a modern “Islamic” system. However, its PR approach has failed to appeal to Muslim masses.

Muslim personalities like Hamza Yusuf received a huge backlash for being too cozy with the autocratic system ruling the UAE. Thus, Israel seems to be betting on a losing horse to legitimize its occupation of Palestine within Muslim societies.

Courtesy: Middle East Eye

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