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Week In Review

UAE pleases Zionists and loses political maneuvering space

As the UAE made its long-maintained unofficial relations with Israel, public, it seems to have lost its regional political maneuvering space.

Iran’s Armed forces chief of staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri, was quoted by Reuters as saying that “Tehran’s approach to the UAE will change... If something happens in the Persian Gulf region and if our national security is damaged, however small, we will hold the UAE responsible for that and we will not tolerate it.”

Abu Dhabi’s cooperation with Israel was well known and its announcement to officialize the relationship with Israel was not a surprise. Nevertheless, the latest move will limit UAE’s political maneuvering as it will not be able to put on any “Islamic” or Arab “nationalist” façade on its policies.

The latest move also discredits Muslim “scholars” who were closely linked to the autocratic regime in the UAE, like Abdallah bin Bayyah, who leads the rubber stamp UAE Fatwa Council which approved the “treaty.”

Courtesy: Reuters

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