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Two winners at the Qatar World Cup: Argentina and Palestine!

Crescent International

Hoisted by fellow team-mates, the Argentinian captain Lionel Messi holds the World Cup trophy aloft in Doha, Qatar after defeating France in a stunning 4-2 final match.

Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, beating five-time champions France via a penalty shootout today in Doha, Qatar.

It was one of the most thrilling finals in recent memory because the two sides, Argentina and France, were equal with three goals each at the end of regular time.

The match was finally decided by penalty shoot outs when the all-time great Lionel Messi slammed another goal into the net after scoring twice in regular time.

In penalty shoot-outs, Argentina scored four goals to France’s two thus handing the coveted trophy to the South Americans.

There was also another winner in the World Cup: Palestine.

While there was no Palestinian team playing, the spectators of all backgrounds and religions showed their total support for the Palestinian cause.

What the FIFA World Cup also showed was that people all over the world are with the underdog.

This was as much the case in the match between Argentina and France in the finals as it was for the Palestinians.

As soon as the matches kicked off on November 20 in Doha, the people kicked normalization with the zionist entity out of the field.

This was a stunning rebuke to the Arabian regimes that have been falling over themselves to embrace the zionist entity and abandon the long-oppressed Palestinians.

While the Argentinian team led by Messi took the trophy, people took Palestine with them in their hearts.

Zionist media outlets that had descended on Doha in hopes of being welcomed were shocked when people refused to talk to them the moment they realized where the media outlets were from.

In addition to winning the trophy, Messi also won the Golden Ball award as the best player of the tournament.

The French team also played well, especially Kylian Mbappe who became only the second player to score a World Cup final hat trick.

He won the Golden Boots award.

French President Emmanuel Macron was in Doha for the finals hoping that his country’s team will take the trophy home.

He was sorely disappointed.

It is also interesting to note that the vast majority of players on the French team are Africans or Muslims, yet both groups are discriminated against in France.

It was for this reason that most people rooted for Argentina.

In their opening match against non-descript Saudi Arabia, the Argentine team lost 2-1, much to the disappointment of Messi.

Adding a World Cup win to the earlier medals of the Champions Leagues, domestic championships and cups and the Copa America he won with Argentina in 2021, Messi has brought glory to his country.

He now joins such other soccer legends as Pele of Brazil, fellow countryman Diego Maradona, and contemporary Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.

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