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Trump’s Bad Manners on Full Display at UN

Crescent International

Donald Trump always travels light. And we are not talking about baggage as in suitcases or brief case.

Completely bereft of manners and with a low IQ, Trump’s rant at the UN General Assembly yesterday (September 25) exposed these traits completely.

When he boasted that his administration had accomplished “more than almost any” other in US history, even the generally polite diplomats at the UN could not suppress their derisive laughter.

Trump looked pathetic as he often does when people don’t buy into his self-aggrandizing claims. He laughed back, saying: “Didn’t expect that reaction.” That evoked even more derision for a man that deserves nothing but contempt.

The compulsive liar went on with his rant of self-praise: “The United States is stronger, richer and safer,” he insisted. Trump does not live in an ivory tower; he is an alien from another planet, perhaps from the Planet of the Apes.

This clueless man does not realize what a beating his army is getting in Afghanistan. Iraq is in shambles as a result of US militarism and America’s terrorist proxies are on the verge of defeat in Syria.

As for America being “richer”, it depends on what group of people he is talking about. If Trump means the top 1 percent, he is right. This bunch of greedy and selfish people has become richer; but America’s poor have become poorer.

This was confirmed in a report released by the British charity, Oxfam earlier this year that found that the one trillion dollar wealth created last year went to the top 300 individuals—most of them Americans. They have accumulated more wealth than the bottom half of the world’s population: 3.5 billion people.

Trump represents the top 1 percent only; he does not care about the poor or the disadvantaged in society.

It was, however, his attack on Iran that reflected his complete detachment from reality.

He accused Iran’s leadership of sowing “chaos, death and destruction” across the Middle East. Iran belongs to the region, not the US.

“They do not respect their neighbours or borders or the sovereign rights of nations,” he went on in his idiotic style. “Instead, Iran’s leaders plunder the nation’s resources to enrich themselves and spread mayhem across the Middle East and far beyond.”

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran who is also attending the UN General Assembly, hit back criticizing the Trump regime for its unrelenting hostility towards Iran.

The Iranian president said dialogue should begin by ending threats and “unjust sanctions”, adding that no nation could be brought to the negotiating table by force.

“The United States’ understanding of international relations is authoritarian. In its estimation might makes right. Its understanding of power, not of legal and legitimate authority, is reflected in bullying and imposition,” President Rouhani said.

Trump’s lies were also exposed in his claim that the US respected other countries’ sovereignty. If so, what are US forces doing in Iraq and Syria?

The Syrian government has not given the US permission to have forces on Syrian territory. America is violating Syria’s sovereignty by maintaining military bases in that country and by supporting terrorists to overthrow a legitimate government there.

“I honour the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs and traditions,” Trump announced.

“The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honour our sovereignty in return.”

Here was Trump lying in front of the whole world. That is precisely what he and his gangster advisors have been saying to Iran. They demand that Iran change its behavior. And what change do they demand? That Iran must stop being an independent country and abide by US demands.

Mike Pompeo (US Secretary of State) and John Bolton (National Security Advisor) as well as Rudy Giuliani (Trump’s lawyer) have openly threatened to overthrow the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Trump not only threatens but has actually imposed sanctions on countries that refuse to surrender to US demands. The list includes Iran, China, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and a host of others.

While the UN has little relevance in bringing about peace in the world, Trump’s appearance undermined its standing even more.

It was a pathetic performance by a clown who should be locked up in a lunatic asylum. He poses a clear and present danger to the world.

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